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Customer Service Scenarios

Scenario 1*

Mrs Smith has called up to say she has just came back from our Brighton store and discovered she has been sold odds. She wanted a UK 9 but has been given a right foot UK 8 and a left foot UK 9. Out of the below options, which would you advise? Please tick the relevant option
I'm really sorry that has happend Mrs Smith, all footwear should be checked prior to dispatch. Why don't you go back to the store where a Manager will be happy to help you.
Oh, I'm sorry about that. These things should never happen. What would you like us to do for you?
I'm really sorry that has happened Mrs Smith. Can I just check that it was the UK 9 you wanted? I can send you a freepost label to return the footwear to us and we'll send you out a UK 9 with a 1st class delivery service.

Scenario 2*

Mr Kohan has called and is quite angry because the Sauchiehall Street store have refused to take back his Red or Dead boots that he feels are faulty. What would you advise? Please tick the relevant option
I'm really sorry there has been a problem with your shoes. Because we haven't seen them we can't comment but the Manager is trained in footwear construction, so their decision is final
I'm really sorry that you've had a problem with your footwear and their return to the store. Without seeing them I can't comment directly, but if you can explain the problem with the footwear, I'll try my best to assist you.
How long have you had your boots Mr Kohan? Sometimes if you wear them too often they can wear down rather fast. Do you think that could be your problem?

Scenario 3*

Mr Milloy calls you to say he has purchased shoes on the website and when he has opened them up they are black formal shoes but he ordered Nike Hi' Tops. From the below, what would you advise? Please tick the relevant option
I'm really sorry you've had this problem Mr Milloy. You can take the incorrect shoes back to your local store and they'll be happy to help.
Oh I'm really sorry this has happened. All footwear should be checked prior to despatch. We can send you a new pair of the Nike footwear for tomorrow and send you a freepost label so you can return the incorrect item to us.
I'm really sorry this has happened Mr Milloy. Does the box have any information for another customer? We can send you out the correct footwear on a 1st class delivery service and we will send you a freepost label to return the item. Alternatively, you can take the incorrect item back to your local store to drop off and we can refund you from Head office or send you the correct item.
Schuh Customer Service - What do we stand for?
Below are three Customer Service mottos. Only one of them is the Schuh Customer Service motto. Read each motto and please select which one you think is the Schuh motto and explain why.*
The customer is always right. We will do everything possible to make our customers happy and ensure they return to us. We will always remember when dealing with the customer that they are OUR customer. We aim for our service to stand out from the crowd and set ourselves above the competition.
We are a Professional, Efficient, Respectful, Forward thinking, Excellent, Customer Service Team. We are a PERFECT Customer Service Centre of Excellence.
Be everywhere, do everything and we'll never fail to astonish OUR customer.
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