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address/opening times

  • 122 Patrick Street
  • Cork
  • Cork
  • 0212069873
This weeks opening times
Wed 20th Aug 0930-1800
Thu 21st Aug 0930-1930
Fri 22nd Aug 0930-2030
Sat 23rd Aug 0900-1800
Sun 24th Aug1200-1800
       Next weeks opening times
Mon 25th Aug 0930-1800
Tue 26th Aug 0930-1800
Wed 27th Aug 0930-1800
Thu 28th Aug 0930-1930
Fri 29th Aug 0930-2030
Sat 30th Aug 0900-1800
Sun 31st Aug1200-1800
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local info

Our store is located on the main shopping street in Cork - Patrick Street, which opened back in 2006. This store now also hosts a range of styles from our schuh kids range! The city is in the south-west coast of Ireland and is the country's second largest city after Dublin. Cork has a busy tourist market and a large University with plenty of students. Divided by two main channels of the River Lee, you often find yourself constantly crossing bridges so the best way to get around the city is on foot.

what you say...

Andrew 09/08/2012

Very pleased with the service and Emma was most helpful. Will definitely return.

Noirin Nolan 21/08/2012

Enjoyable shopping il be back thanks to schuh and Aaron for help

Sarah Clarke 19/07/2014

Agata was very helpful and friendly, nothing was too much trouble for her. Brilliant service!

Kay Curtin 22/07/2014

Hi I purchased shoes recently and was served by Debbie and Lisa also helped me to choose. Both girls were really nice and very helpful. Also John took payment for shoes and was very helpful. Great staff

Ciaran Dwyer 25/07/2014

Very friendly staff great service will definitely come back here the next time i'm in cork :)

Brittany Ingram 09/06/2013

Went in for black work shoes and everyone was so helpful! Had about 3 different employees helping me/chatting with me and I left the shop happy and with a new pair of shoes!! Really lovely experience, will definitely be back!!

Jessica 10/06/2013

They were so friendly in there and fast even thought there always super busy from getting my size to buying them at the till they were friends and now fake... friendly lads in there. Also love my first pair of Toms 3 yay

fiona moriarty 13/06/2013

great customer service, bright and cheerful staff

Niamh Crowley 12/06/2013

Mia was extremely helpful and patient while i picked out my first pair of Toms! Pleasurable shopping experience!

Sarah Holman 22/06/2013

Friendly helpful staff, very attentive. Thanks

Sibéal McGrath 22/06/2013

Very helpful and very nice staff :)

Joanne Murphy 25/08/2012

Great service! Unfortunately I didn't get the name of the girl who served me but helped find the most comfortable and suitable school shoes

Darragh Woods 31/08/2012

The people in the shop were really nice and helpful!!! They helped me find the right size shoe and even told me cool ways to wear it too! Everyone in the shop was lovely and when I was leaving the shop with my new shoes, I thought to myself "I'd love to work there" because I'd be surrounded by nice people haha! Thanks again for the lovely shoes! Darragh :D

Niomh McCollam 11/09/2012

Excellent service for my 16 yr old from the friendly and helpful staff in Schuh!

Florian 08/09/2012

Very nice people working there, helpful and always smiling.

Maire lordan 14/09/2012

Hi. Visually impaired so shopping difficult. Staff in cork branch were superb. Knew their stock, suggested alternatives, retrieved sizes quickly, very friendly and helpful and, importantly, guide dog friendly. A pleasure to shop there.

ivan ahern  09/09/2012

would like to say that the staff in your cork shop are very helpful especially claire who is a credit to your store as she was very helpful and made sure that the shoes were the right size,comfotable and she also told me about the return policy.i have recommended this store to my friends who are looking for new shoes

mark doyle  12/09/2012


John 28/09/2012

Excellent service, really top notch. Never ever do these feeback things but felt obliged due to level of excellent service from not just one but many staff memeers

Liz Smith 16/10/2012

I was in the store on Saturday afternoon. I was served by John, a very helpful & friendly assistant who kept smiling even after bringing me numerous boots to try on. However, the layout of the shop could be improved as when I was trying on boots I had to constantly move out of the way of other customers.

Mary O Donovan 16/11/2012

First time shopping in Schuh and I absolutely loved it. The atmosphere in the shop was great. My daughter was looking for a pair of Toms for Christmas, I went into your shop recently and a lovely man named Anthony helped me choose between a few different styles of Toms. He has such great product knowledge and informed of the amazing returns policy if they didn't fit my daughter. Really delightful staff in Cork, definitely going back.

Sylvia  18/11/2012

I have shopped in the Cork store many times and always find that whether it is busy or quiet there is always someone available to help me and give me advice on any product I ask about. I visited the Cork store again yesterday and was served by Emma who was extremely helpful when I was trying to decide on boots to buy. She showed me the Red Or Dead brand boots when I mentioned that the two other pairs I tried on had very thin soles and told me she owned a pair herself which were both comfortable and hard-wearing compared to the first brand I had picked. As there wasn't a huge difference in the price range I felt she was really going out of her way to ensure I got the best value for the money I was spending as I want to buy a pair of boots that will last for a while. When I mentioned that I would wait until closer to Christmas to actually buy the boots she told me I could put them on hold online or by ringing the store in case they were sold out and also told me I had a year to return them which I couldn't believe! Even though I wasn't buying the boots that day and it was very busy I still felt like I had all her attention and she was very helpful. While I was waiting I also saw another boy serving sports shoes to a family and he was just as polite and helpful so it is obvious that all the staff in the store are very nice and friendly. The one complaint I would have is that the shop was so busy it was very hard to move around and look at things properly, the chairs and shelves seem very cramped when there are a lot of people and maybe this is why I did not spot the brand of boots myself that Emma showed me. All in all I had an excellent experience despite how busy the store was and I will definitely be back to buy boots for myself and shoes for my daughter before Christmas. Thank you!

Lynda McDonnell 17/11/2012

Extremely helpful sales assistant (Sine). Very efficient and friendly which made my usual hatred of shoe shopping no longer a chore to be endured but a pleasure. Many thanks.

judy lynch 13/01/2013

loren served me and emma was the cashier. could not praise the two of them highly enough extremely helpful and informative. fantastic customer service.

Aeda Baker 24/01/2013

Staff were very efficient, polite and friendly! One staff member apologised three times because he had to go upstairs to get the shoes and thought he was too long!! He was only gone one minute.

Megan Ford 28/01/2013

Got really great help from Elaina and Aileen in the Cork City store. Super helpful and efficient!

Linda O'Sullivan 26/11/2012

Bought Converse for my son and a pair of Hush Puppy heels for myself. Dave was serving me and was really helpful! Had no problem bringing down different shoes to try on, and seemed to have a great knowledge of different converse i was looking at.. Very kind and we had good banter as well! Love shopping in Schuh thanks :)

Sean McDonnell 27/11/2012

Staff were very attentive and not too much so, which is annoying sometimes in terms of just a browsing visit. They were very helpful (I dealt with a few staff members), informing me if they had to go to the stockroom for a few minutes etc. They explained the returns policy for me and were patent, chatty, and smiley at all times (I am very thorough when trying on shoes). When the shoes I had in mind were unavailable, they were quick to offer a similar alternative. Both my sister and my girlfriend shopped there on separate occasions and have similar compliments to pay towards the staff. It was neither the first time I've shopped there, nor will it be my last!

Gary O Sullivan 30/11/2012

Love my new DCs. Great service in shop even though was very busy. Shop assistant, Susie, was great, helping me pick a pair of shoes when the ones I wanted weren't there.

Aishling Brett 06/12/2012

The customer service was excellent and the staff were so friendly. I felt welcome the minute i stepped inside the door and was happy to spend my money :)

Jean Crowley 23/05/2013

I don't normally bother giving feedback from shop service as its generally fairly weak in Cork unfortunately. But having worked years in hospitality I know I was always delighted to get credit when I went out of my way for customers, so just want to give a big thanks to the guys and girls in Schuh on Patrick St. Yesterday I had the shop put aside a pair of black and white Date Night heels and got really really quick and friendly service from Ken. Went to collect them today and though the place was a bit busy I was immediately helped by a girl Aileen, she was a bit run off her feet but helped change size in a couple of minutes and was really kind and helpful. The girl at the desk (Shauna) was really chatty and friendly as well, over all genuinely really great service. I'm a student so I don't usually have the money to fork out for Schuh so haven't been in in ages but have to say I was delighted with the service at every stage and will definitely be back to ye!

Kathryn Coleman 27/05/2013

Was looking for particular pair of classic vans shoes for my son. Rang the store in Cork as I couldn't find the shoes on line. The girl I was dealing with couldn't have been more pleasant, she checked the stock and found the last pair in his size and colour. She kept them aside till my son collected them later that evening. I was very pleased with the service. Nice to see that there are still good sales assistants around. Kathryn

Simon 02/06/2013

good welcome, great customer approach, immediate advice/help, suggestions and friendly conversation :-) p.s. the heat inside the store... too warm

dee delany 31/12/2012

Hi, I was recently in the cork branch of the franchise and was helped by a member of staff (Grace). I just wanted to email you to tell you what an asset she is to your team. she could not have been more helpful and friendly even though it was christmas week and i could see she was extremely busy. working in customer service myself I know how dificult it can be dealing with the public day in day out so just pass on my thanks to Grace. Kind regards Dee Delany

Timi McCarthy 03/01/2013

Very helpful staff. Lovely girl called Fiona tried her best to order 2 pairs of shoes for me. Unfortunately one pair could not be sent to either my home or store through shop system so she gave me the code etc & explained how to order them online which I have successfully done. So 2 lovely new pairs of shoes on the way. Thanks Fiona!

Jan C 07/01/2013

I had to come and commend you on the service I recieved in the Schuh store on Patrick Street in Cork. I went in, during the sales, looking for a particular shoe which I had seen online. Even though the store was very busy, I was still assisted by your shop assistant, Julie (I believe that was her name!). She asked the shoe, size, type and if I remembered the price, i gave her all the details, she showed me the shoes on the computer just to verify and had them sent straight to the till, I was in and out very fast. She was extremely pleasant and helpful. I've shopped with ye both online and in store many a time and never had a problem anyway, but I really had to congratulate ye on hiring some great staff!

Andrea  28/07/2013

Great service by assistant Eilin who helped me look for the best comfortable flip flop and Shauna at the till, very pleasant and helpful.

Caroline Ryan 01/08/2013

Just yesterday I was in the Schuh store in Cork city. I had been pressed for time to get a pair of shoes for my upcoming debs/prom. The staff were immensely helpful for me and helped me choose shoes and at the same time kept up a friendly banter to keep me at ease! If I could remember the girl's name I would recommend her, Karen perhaps? It was refreshingly nice to find staff like that in a chain store and I just want to thank you. I at least have one thing checked off my list for next week ! Kindest and most grateful regards, Caroline Ryan

Matthew Lee 09/08/2013

Excellent helpful and friendly service :)

Anthony Norris 18/01/2013

Mark Baxter 24/01/2013

Always nice when staff are there for you, but not bothering you too much so you can get on with looking, spot on girls! Even though it was early in the day you were all warm & friendly. Thanks :)

anna werner 25/01/2013

Michelle 28/01/2013

I really love your shop there is always a great choice. Staff are always very nice. I was in the cork store 2day and ken served me he was very helpful and really friendly. I never felt pressured to buy anything which I really hate when I am shopping. He done a great job and I hope he is rewarded for a good sale and a very happy customer )

Dermot O' Hara 21/06/2013

Emma was brilliant!

Anne Trant 24/06/2013

In general I hate shopping but when my daughter says "Mum I need shoes" my first question is "where do you want to go" , thankfully her response is Schuh, I am delighted, its such a pleasure to shop at schuh, the minute we enter the store there is always some one to welcome us, extremely well staffed, we are attended to straight away, and within seconds, Caoimhe is trying on shoes, the service is second to none, and I know of no other store where the service is so good, you certainly have the standard nailed. Excellent, excellent, customers for life.

Niamh 25/12/2013

the shop was really crowded when I went in. But in fact, it was a few days before Christmas so I should have expected that. But the staff were very helpful despite the crowds and I got really cool red converse. It would have been better if ye had size 5 and a half converse, but what can you do. Thanks.

paul  01/01/2014

shauna was very helpful and pleasent, (and totally hot!!) the shop is usually packed which makes it pretty difficult to find what your looking for. she was supper helpfull and got me what i wanted.

Andrea 27/12/2013

First.. The Store in Cork was my first contact. The Lady was really helpful she listened an ask the right question so that she transfered me to the call Center in UK, because I wasn't successful with my order on the website. (To deliver to store in. Cork) The friendly Assistent Steven or Steve finished my order in a verry efficient manner and friendly with patient. So all in all I am very satisfied appart from ordering on website, maybe my fault I don't know. I hope the Schuh product that I ordered will be fine. Thanks at all

Amanda Murry 27/12/2013

Bought a pair of Vans today in the Cork store and I must say I was very pleased with the quality of service I received. Was dealing with a guy called Ryan and he couldn't of been more helpful and polite even though the item I was buying was on sale and the store was very busy the quality of service I received was still 5 stars. Would definitely return :)

David Burlison 31/12/2013

Amazing service the best you get in any store. Friendly staff that are amazingly helpful. They couldnt do a better job :)

Teresa O'Halloran 02/01/2014

Very friendly helpful staff

andrea 09/10/2013

Lee Barry 15/10/2013

Hello, Naomi and Shauna and Lisa were all very helpful with my purchase. Even when they had to be changed for a bigger size a few days this was no issue and it was all dealt with quickly and very friendly.

conor murphy 17/09/2013

Staff are always excellent and friendly in the shop when you go in and ye have a great selection of shoes in the shop, but.....everytime you ask for a pair of shoes in this shop they don't have them in your size(mine being 11) and ask you do you want to order them and you will have them in 2-3 working days...if this happens once or twice then thats no problem, its just the fact this happens every time I go to the shop to buy shoes, its as if ye don't stock any shoes in the actual store, but ye just have displays for people to look at!?

Shaolin Casey 07/02/2013

They have really good staff!?

Lydia Crowley 02/02/2013

really friendly staff and amazing shoes.

Mary Margaret Buckley 05/02/2013

Very pleasant experience and served by Evelyn who was very helpful and cheerful. Will definately be back.

Lia Curtin 11/02/2013

All staff were very friendly, the girl who got the shoes was lovely and helpful with getting other sizes/styles :)

Mark O'Kelly 14/02/2013

Hello I bought shoes today in Schuh DC spartan WC The assistant Shane was very helpful and easy going My mom said it was the fastest time buying shoes Very good shop 10/10 Mark

Brittany Ingram 09/08/2013

I went in to get a second pair of work shoes, as I had gotten my first pair here about 2 months earlier and wanted to get a second to switch back and forth with. I am a server in a local restaurant and am on my feet for 10-12 hour shifts and need good support and shoes. Eilin helped me once again and was absolutely lovely. She even remembered my face and the shoes I had gotten 2 months earlier and was very friendly and personable! She helped me in purchasing another great pair of shoes for work and also recommended me getting insoles to make the shoes last longer as I had started to wear through my first pair. All in all, a great experience and a shop full of helpful and lovely employees! Sadly the insoles didn't work out, but I then went back and returned them and was helped again by a great manager and am very satisfied with both experiences at Shuh. I recommend Shuh to all my coworkers and friends in the industry and will continue doing so!

James 15/08/2013

Excellent service, very friendly staff and immediate response on entering the store! Would definitely go back, very satisfied! :)

Paul O'Keeffe 18/03/2013

The staff members were very polite and fast so I wasent waiting around for ages. Prices were reasonable. I would certainly recommend you to a friend

Laura 14/07/2013

Very helpful and friendly staff

Eilís Coughlan 13/07/2013

I bought a beautiful pair of burgundy vans in the Cork store this afternoon. I was amazed at the professionalism of the staff there, I was served by James, he was a pure delight! The store was very busy and he was great, and had time for all my crazy whims and questions, and was so kind to me. I have shopped in many other shoe stores in my life and I have never been treated as well as I was today with James. He served me with a big smile on his face, and not in a patronising sense, which is all too apparent these days! Anyway, I wanted to say I enjoyed my experience and that James is amazing.

Eilís Coughlan 13/07/2013

I bought a beautiful pair of burgundy vans in the Cork store this afternoon. I was amazed at the professionalism of the staff there, I was served by James, he was a pure delight! The store was very busy and he was great, and had time for all my crazy whims and questions, and was so kind to me. I have shopped in many other shoe stores in my life and I have never been treated as well as I was today with James. He served me with a big smile on his face, and not in a patronising sense, which is all too apparent these days! Anyway, I wanted to say I enjoyed my experience and that James is amazing.

clara 14/07/2013

very good. staff are very helpful. would shop there again.

Ryan Goulding 01/11/2013

I just want to compliment one of your employees Karen. She provided very fast service. Offered many different options and alternatives and explained everything very well. I have never had a bad experience in schuh but this was by far the best experience I have had.

Yvonne Power 20/10/2013

As a mother of three teens, i am so impressed by the staff team in Schuh in Cork. 2 of my teens are presently going through the 'doc' stage, the interest, and patience that the staff gave them was most impressive. For a young staff team,they are very welcoming, obliging, courteous, always smiling, with the result that i now travel over 50miles when my children require footwear.

Alex 16/10/2013

Great customer service! Employees were all nice and happy to help. I'll definitely come back :)

Tom Barry 17/10/2013

Got a new pair of Converse All-Stars in store, the assistance was excellent, very polite and obliging! All staff members, especially the manager were helpful, informative and chatty. Very pleased!

Caroline 24/10/2013

In past visits to schuh in both Galway and Cork, I've had very positive experiences. Which is why when I'm considering buying shoes and boots, schuh is top of my list. On this occasion, it was even more so positive an experience. Shop assistants were visible from the moment I entered, gave me a chance to look around and let me know they were available if I needed anything, in a very friendly manner that made me feel like I could approach any of them at any stage for anything. I was assisted by Cynthia, who was very friendly and very easy to get on with. She was patient with me and my indecision and helped me through the process. I actually didn't feel like she was a sales assistant, but more of a friend as she was very engaging, very easy to get along with, very positive and I was able to bounce off my thoughts with her and she had the ability in reciprocating and responding to whatever I was thinking in a very positive way. I felt that assisting me came quite naturally to her because of the way it was done, in a very positive and friendly way. Overall I left really happy with the whole process, with what I wanted in my hand and really happy with the experience from all staff and Cynthia's assistance - which is in line with another retailer of different unrelated products that I also had a very positive experience with - and already know I'll be back again in schuh in the near future.

JP McCarthy 26/10/2013

Anne was so helpful and professional , the shop was busy but Anne gave me her full attention when dealing with me . She is a credit to your company and her customer care skill are amazing and she helped me pick a fab pair of shoes .I will definately be shopping in schuh cork again , thank you Anne

Lorcan Finnegan 30/10/2013

I dealt with Shauna today in Schuh in cork and i must say it was a pleasure, she was very helpful and a top notch lady

Roman Mantserov 31/05/2013

Both sales assistant Feena and cashier Aileen, were extremely helpful and definitely made me feel welcome. Great job girls, keep it up!

Paul 04/06/2013

My biggest problem when it comes to shoes are my small feet. Trying to get nice shoes for a suit when you are only a size 6 is difficult. The chap that was serving me was extremely helpful and showed me the different mens shoes that came in a size 6. I was very very happy with the service and would be returning in the future.

Nico 06/06/2013

Personnel was very helpful, price was ok

Sam Murphy 13/12/2013

Darragh was very polite and genuinely nice make the choise very easy :)

Philip Healy 09/06/2013

Extremely helpful staff. Evelyn was attentive and cheerful. This is the second time I've bought from Schuh in Cork and in future it will be my first place to visit if I need shoes.

Padraig Power 11/04/2013

Great service! Ken that served me was extremely friendly and polite. I was unsure of what to buy, but explained my occasion and he helped me in every way possible. Thanks to Ken my visit was quick, pleasant and surprisingly fun! :) I'd like to thank both Ken and Schuh for the fantastic service and will definitely be coming back again!

Louise Raymond 12/08/2013

My cashier was Emma who was extremely friendly and humorous, she was so helpful for my order form details and honestly brightened my day with her friendly smile. My assistant was Aaron who was friendly and helpful and extremely quick on his feet for me :) He checked the stock room and came straight back to me. My experience at your store was a great one.

Janice Buckley 19/08/2013

Visited your Cork store yesterday 18th of September and I have to give it 100% for service/store buzz/knowledge etc. I was met inside the store entrance with a bubbly sales assistant who immediately led me to the store manageress as we wanted to show her a shoe purchased in March. She in turn was most helpful and efficient and we left the store 10 minutes later extremely happy customers. It was the 2nd time in the store and both experiences were fantastic. Fabulous shop and will be shopping there again in the near future. Thank you to all in the Cork store.



Michael Stropek 21/08/2013

Dear Schuh, I was shopping in your Cork store on the 14th Aug 2013 and the Staff was extremely helpful and patient assisting me . Everything has been handed quickly and accurately- I was well looked after. Your floor Staff is so nice and polite- that's why I will always return to Schuh: for funky shoes and this outstanding service. Many thanks, Mike

Camilla 20/08/2013

Went in to buy a pair of converse and within a minute, Adam (I think that was his name) was helping me and very kind. I was in and out in a matter of minutes and it was all around a great experience.

alberto 17/04/2013

Really good customer service. The shop was packed, but the shopping was very fast. Thank you!

Mary O' Neill 15/04/2013

Was in your store yesterday afternoon and everyone was so nice! I HATE shopping for shoes but I was helped by one of your staff called Shane and he was really friendly and bubbly and made the whole experience far less painful than it usually is!! He was able to answer all my questions and was really patient. Unfortunately I couldn't find boots that fitted right (always happens to me) but I will definitely be back again and will be telling all my friends about the excellent customer service!

Evelyn Richardson 13/04/2013

Both the cashier (Evelyn) and the assistant (shauna) were really lovely and very friendly, as well as helpful and professional. Excellent service! Thanks!

wilma murphy 03/05/2013

I was looking for a pair of comfortable shoes to take on holiday and was helped by a very friendly young lady called Sara. The shoes that I wanted did not fit and she recommend sketchers and I bought a pair, but the next morning when I tried it on, I found it was one number too big. I returned to the store and was helped by a girl called Karen, she did not find the correct size but brought another style in my number which fitted perfectly. I was then helped by a guy named Adam to do the actual return and refund. I found the staff very helpful and it was a most enjoyable experience.

Edwina Murray 04/05/2013

Lisa was brilliant for customer service, held the shoes for me and as they were the last pair and stretched from people trying them kn. She held a pair that were being delivered at lunch time. Fantastic service

John Hayes 06/05/2013

marta  08/05/2013

the best customer service i have ever experience!very nice and helpfull people who can answer on any queries.great stuff great offerts best schoes ever!!!

Martin  07/05/2013

Recommending Schuh!! Ordered my Caterpillar boots, great staff, efficient system, fast communication. How it should be done! Excellent as a retail experience.

Seán O'Reilly 27/08/2013

Staff were friendly and helpful. the second i entered the store i was greeted and offered help. also, the prices were very reasonable.

Paul Hopkinson 27/08/2013

Just thought i'd let you know about the brilliant service we received in your Cork branch yesterday. The assistant Estefania was friendly,attentive,helpful and patient whilst helping us to buy school shoes for my son. In what must be a competitive business and a clearly customer focussed environment Estefania is simply perfect.Give her a pay rise!. Please pass on our thanks to her,we will certainly chose Schuh again. Paul Hopkinson

caroline mulcahy 24/02/2013

Loved your store.. staff were excellent... l entered store saw most amazing shoes..had to get them

Joanne Kearney 24/02/2013

Great friendly greeting on arrival - prompt service - efficient cashier pleasure to shop there !!

ruxandra manole 01/03/2013

the guys were amazing crack even though it's a friday evening and they have to work.. it was so much fun shopping there! gladly coming back to see your discount shelf, a real pleasure shopping there

Gavin Carey 05/12/2012

Just writing to say that i only shop in Schuh for my footwear. Customer service is always second to none and the efficiency is top class. I will say though that your prices are slightly higher than most other footwear and sport shops but i don't mind paying the extra as the customer service is so good. Thanks a million guys, Gavin.

Jennifer O Connor  06/12/2012

bought some white adidas with my son last week, was delighted with the service, we were served by a very friendly young girl called Tracey. Very helpful and a pride to your store.

Bernice O Callaghan 10/12/2012

great shopping experience. Matthew was very helpful in finding me an alternative shoe, and was very quick in finding my size, will be back again, thanks to Matthew

Peter O' Brien 03/12/2012

Had a great experience in store. The vans I was looking for were out of stock but the wonderful store assistant Sara showed me all the similar products that were available in store and I found an almost identical pair for €5 less. The cashier Alan was very pleasant and clearly explained the returns policy to me. Great customer service experience all around. Keep up the good work guys!!

Judith Hickey 12/12/2012

I recently ordered a pair of vans from your cork store. I am sending this email to inform you of how pleased i was with my purchase. As the shop did not have my size they ordered them and they delivered to my house within 2 working days including free delivery. I am extremely happy with my purchase and look forward to shopping with ye again i the future.

Margaret O Keeffe 08/12/2012

when i arrived i was unable to find the shoes i was looking for i was asked if i was ok and then shown where they were and i was given the sizes i needed and was given some advice about in-soles and was taken care of at the counter where i was given advice about how to use a product in which to preserve my new DC high tops which give plenty of support around my ankle.my needs were taken care of and i was very, very happy happy with the service. :):):):):):)

Marcus 11/12/2012

i was content, there are too many shoes

Jerry 30/09/2013

Heads and shoulders above other shops. Great service from pleasant, helpful staff. Very well done. Thanks a lot! I will shop there again just because of the staff.

Shane Riordan 02/07/2013

Excellent service - till seemed a tad understaffed but served with a smile nonetheless.

Will Hanley 04/07/2013

James helped me out today. Spot on guy, great service, great product!!

Hannah 29/06/2013

Lovely shoes

kevinsutton1984@gmail.com 04/07/2013

Was shopping for shoes with my younger brother and was delighted with the service I had, Shauna was so nice and made 3 runs upstairs for us, Paul our cashier was brilliant too, Thanks again Kevin

Marie 04/07/2013

Excellent service, reserved online before I went into the shop and they had them ready for me.. Staff super friendly

Natalia 02/03/2013

The shoes look beautiful and are really comfortable!!

Emma  02/03/2013

So friendly

Nicole Loughnane 21/04/2013

I arrived into the store just before closing on a sunday and the store was extremely busy but I found all the staff i dealt with, a female assistant who first approached me, the male staff assistant that got my shoe size and the cashier who finally dealt with me, all very friendly, efficient and professional, especially considering the pressure they were under. I congratulate them and you, Schuh, for the hiring of such excellent people. I would hihgly recommend Schuh based on this positive experience.

corkery 26/12/2012

lovely attendant, very helpful and fast yet not hasty.

garry o shea 20/12/2012

hi , i bought a pair of shoes here the ikon spencer wing brogue on 17/12/2012 @17.57 the girl that was helping me with sizes on the floor was the nicest most joyful happy go lucky chatty beautiful girl and so so so helpful.. it was a pleasure to be in the shop and she was a real diamond to deal with. i didnt catch her name but she was small about 5foot shoulder length brown fair hair , but you should be so proud to hold a staff member like her , lovely shop to browse around in thank you. just one thing i payed 70euro for the shoes perfect fit and all that but the sole was very slippy i had to bring them to a cobbler and get a rubber sole on them. anyhow happy xmas and i hope you find out who that staff member was , she was a joy to deal with .... cheeers !!!!

Cian Hammond 23/12/2012

I went into the store yesterday and it was so busy! You couldn't move inside there. I didn't think i was going to get service but this lovely girl saw I was looking for help and she came over to me straight away. She went into the back to look for shoes for me about 5 times. She didn't complain once. She was kind,helpful,polite and such a lovely girl. Honestly the best service I've got in years.

Brenda Crowley 27/12/2012

Today 26th Dec 2012 i visited Schuh in Patrick Street, Cork for the first time, i will be going back there again and also recommending the shop to friends and relatives because the staff are so helpful and friendly.I was assisted by Megan and the cashier who did the transaction was called Evelyn, both staff members were extremely good at their jobs, they were so keen to give as much help and advice as possible and were very polite and friendly. It made a very pleasent change. Thank you Megan and Evelyn.

Gemma Giltinan 30/12/2012

Schuh is amazing! Probably my favourite shop.. One thing though is i think there should be a bigger range of high shoes, everything else is bang on though!

Stephanie Buckingham  18/05/2013

The staff were very friendly and helpful, I was very impressed.

Enya O'Reilly 18/05/2013

Staff were friendly and chatty. Really helpful with helping me choose what shoes to buy when I was stuck picking a pair. Were polite and thanked me for my service! Would definitely shop in Schuh in Cork again :)

Cillian Beecher 04/11/2013

As this was the first time I shopped in Schuhe I was pleased with the service I got there. The assistant was very friendly and helpful. She was able to recommend a great pair of very comfortable and reasonably priced shoes for me

Jerilyn Ingram 14/11/2013

My daughter and I were waited on by Claire in your Cork City store. It has been a very long time since I have been treated with such courtesy and by such a knowledgeable store employee. She clearly knew her stock and was able to tell us clearly which boots would fit the bill and which would not. Claire was extremely professional and made me feel that I was the most important person in the store at that moment. You have a real treasure in Claire.

Roy 03/02/2014

Superb shop, top quality shoes, huge range & very helpful staff. Keep up the good work, I'll be back !! :-)

Jim Williamaon 08/02/2014

very pleasant and efficient service

Ines O' Sullivan 16/02/2014

Delighted with my purchase, staff were more than helpful and not a bit pushy! I will be going there first from now on.

Aroul Aarts 17/11/2013

I bought my shoes on St. Patrick Street, Cork. Steffy was really sweet and helped me really quick in a extremely busy store. She gave me excellent service including some good advice.

Isabelle Cunnane 27/11/2013

Great shopping experience Staff really helpful, giving you the right amount of attention and plenty time to think about the purchase. Will recommend the shop.

Joe Kiely 27/11/2013

Just wanted to say I had great service last Sunday from a guy who I believe was on his first day working for Schuh. He was knowledgeable, patient, and attentive, so I commend his hard work. His name may have been Shane I'm not 100%, but fairly sure that's him. Cheers, Joe

Andrew Horgan 26/11/2013

Best place in Cork to buy shoes! All staff were very professional and genuine. Shauna is lovely, very nice and I found her very helpful. Estephania was very thorough and both ladies looked after everything perfectly. Thank You Very Much!

Stevie Halliday 23/11/2013

Received Excellent service at Schuh Cork. There was a Beautiful Cashier by the name of Shauna that was very friendly and did a great job, and the shoes are ok too!

Emma  14/04/2014

Enjoyed my shopping experience today as the staff was very helpful and friendly but not too pushy. Found a great pair of shoes that I'm very happy with.

Dariusz 17/04/2014

Unfortunatelly I got sole failure in my 3 months old shoes ('Sketchers' that I buy last 5 years and never let me down). I bought them on special offer 3 months ago and I was not sure that I will get any refund/replacement at this stage. I got back to 'Schuh' shop on Patrick st. Cork. I felt very welcome as always in your shop. And so it was this time. Two staff members took care about me but Shauna was the person that dealt with my request.especially. I got offered money refund at start but I chose a shoes replacement that I got offered too. That is my one of the best shoe stores in Cork and I will be coming back deffinitelly. Especially after today's situation. I was served in very good way. Left the store very happy. Thank You and see You again!!!

Ciaran Bermingham 18/06/2014

To be honest I've been meaning to do this for sometime.... I've been a customer inside for a few years now....I'm in the 'Dad' category...My kids introduced me to Schuh... I'm not the greatest customer...approx 4 pairs a year...I like my converse and that's it...just got introduced to Toms...we'll give them a go and see how we get on... But back to 'How was it for me' As always the service was superb...I'm not a shopper I hate it..I'm badgered by my teenage kids to shop a couple of times a year... I go into Schuh have a good look round am greeted by friendly staff (that to be honest give me some hope for the youth of today...see I'm such an old man) pick my shoes and we're off...The new pair had to be ordered in but again this was done with diligence and a smile...I've a thing about manners and the simple gestures of assurance to the customer....with my work I travel quite often and the service does shine in the majority of the stores I've been in, Dundrum Shopping Centre Store could perk up a bit...to me Schuh Cork is one of the best in your Company. So many thanks to you and your staff. Regards Ciaran Bermingham

Anne Barry 23/06/2014

Great service with a smile from Claire 011

Miheala 25/06/2014

Today i was served by shauna.she helped ne to buy the black nike roshe run!she was more than helpful and very friendly.would definitely reccommend returning as customer service was so good.

Carol Hartnett 05/03/2014

Naomi was excellent. Great service, very happy with my purchase.

Sarah 26/02/2014

The assistant that was dealing with me was very helpful and a great sales person, only for him I wudnt have bought the boots. It was my first time buying in this shop and will be calling back again.

Heather R O'Driscoll 01/03/2014

The assistant was super patient with my ever so indecisive 11 yr old daughter, who couldn't decide on what colour converse she wanted ! After 4 or 5 pairs... and a lot of humming and hawing she eventually decided! The assistant knew his stuff when it came to converse and helped my daughter choose, he arranged to have her feet measured also, and was just so friendly kind and patient. I will definitely shop here again :)

Darren 04/03/2014

Staff were incredibly helpful and an absolute laugh. The girl i was dealing with was quite cute too! Any chance of her number? :P

Margaret  13/03/2014

I was in looking for a shoe for work, he showed me the range of shoes that would have given me better support and would be most comfortable. He had excellent knowledge of the different brands but in the end I went for a quirky shoe.

Michael Cahill 13/03/2014

Niamh Fitzgibbon 04/08/2014

i love going into schuh in cork, the staff are always incredibly friendly and helpful! Daragh was very helpful and had no problem helping me to decide which pair of shoes would be best :) he explained the returns policy very clearly to me and was a very friendly assistant. Evelyn was at the cashier, she was a lovely bubbly girl, and its so lovely to have friendly staff. the staff in the schuh store in cork should be highly praised and recognised for the lovely friendly atmosphere they create in the store. ill definitely be back again soon :)

Zara 08/08/2014

Great !

Danielle 21/12/2013

I went in today to look at Doc Marten boots. There was someone there to help straight away, and then a shop assistant called Aaron came down with the shoes. He was really fast bringing them down, even though the shop was very busy. He asked if I wanted to try on one or both of the boots, and was really obliging and helpful. While I was trying them on, two more female staff members came over and told me their own experiences with Docs, and about wearing them in, which I found really helpful. They were really nice and friendly and it was nice to get some feedback on how they looked on. I reserved the boots, which the staff did no problem, and when I came back to get them I was served by Aaron again. He was really friendly at the till, and wished me a happy Christmas. Really positive shopping experience, and I told the manager so. She was really grateful for the feedback, and also wished me happy Christmas. Would definitely recommend Schuh Patrick St!

Ali 05/07/2014

Excellent service and friendly staff. Was assisted by Anne in making my purchase who was extremely helpful!

Eoin 11/07/2014

Came into the Cork store today and Michael greeted me and helped me out with what I was looking for. He was very helpful and friendly! I would definitely come back again and would like Michael to help me out on future purchases! :)

Maureen Whelan 13/07/2014

I purchased a pair of crocs beach. Line boat shoes yesterday in your shop in Patrick Street, Cork. The shop was very busy, I was met with a very friendly young girl when entering, l browsed around not looking for anything in particular, saw the crocs and Killian came to my assistance. I must say he was so helpful and courteous, nothing was a problem, l had difficulty deciding which size, he said try them and if I'm not happy with them change them. He was so nice and helpful. I paid at the checkout and met a lovely girl Emma. So top marks to the staff of Schuh in Patrick St, Cork. Maureen Whelan

Emily Wright 14/07/2014

Debbie who was serving us was the perfect shop worker. She was patient, helpful and showed good initiative. All that paired with her bubbly personality was amazing. She helped me find a perfect pair of converse in the perfect size all for a reasonable price!! The rest of the staff were very helpful and cheerful which made me leave the shop in a great mood! Will defiantly be coming back! Keep up the good work

luigi 11/07/2014

Good selection of shoes at reasonable prices. very busy but staff very helpful. Naomi was great. An idea to speed up the service: computer for checking sizes and request to try soes could be used directly by the customer.

Anne Marie 11/07/2014

excellent service

Maria cummins 28/04/2014

The assistant killian that helped me was excellent very chatty and efficient wasnt waiting ages like u do in some stores

Aisling Walsh 29/04/2014

Came into the store on Saturday to buy my nephew a pair of Converse and was helped by the brilliant Robert! He was really friendly and helpful and had a great attitude! He was a pleasure to deal with. More staff like this guy please! :) Oh - and my nephew loves the Converse! B-)

Emma Corkery 03/05/2014

Killian couldn't have been more helpful today. Very attentive, chatty and friendly. Offered suggestions and 'went the extra mile' for me today. I'm a happy customer and will be back!

Kevin Sutton 05/05/2014

Gillian 02/05/2014

I cannot say enough about your Cork team. I visited the store on two occasions. On my first visit I purchased a pair of converse which A week later went back to the store to return and choose something else. I noted on my first visit how great the service was...5 star!! I am a retail manager myself and I was very impressed. I have to say how blown away I was when on my second visit the service was as fantastic, if not better. What I'm impressed with is the consistency. Every team member I came I to contact with was upbeat, enthusiastic, happy and friendly and could not have been more helpful...on both occasions. Well done to the Cork team and management. 5*+++++++

Alan mc Glynn 30/04/2014

Found staff friendly,service was prompt. in and out in 10 minutes...

Louise Cosgrave 02/05/2014

Conor McSweeney 02/05/2014

I was helped by Michael who was very friendly and helpful. I usually wouldn't shop in Schuh but Michael showed me top service that would make me consider Schuh a regular shop for me.

Elodie 25/01/2014

Very good service as usual

Maria 01/07/2014

Staff are always lovely here!

Rosemary 04/07/2014

Attended by Killian he was very attentive and quick and very friendly

Regina Curtis 15/04/2014

I would like to compliment one or your assistants Claire who helped me last Saturday the 12th of April 2014. Claire was very efficient and extremely polite and helpful. The level of customer service in Schuh as always been very good but Claire really stood out last Saturday for me. I have always shopped in Schuh over the years as the quality and selection of footwear has always been fantastic.

Caroline Smith 20/04/2014

Couldn't have been happier with the service in your Cork store. The staff were friendly and just the right kind of helpful. The returns policy is excellent. Top class.

Geraldine 18/04/2014

Emma was lovely. She interacted really well with the customer . 8 year oll Cathal. she was very thorough in measuring him up and gave us plenty options to choose from. Emma checked very carefully that the shoes fitted properly and gave us plenty time to decide on our purchase.. she went on to praise Cathal for his patience and presented him with a balloon. Thank you emma !!

Alan O'Keeffe 21/04/2014

Fantastic customer service. Very polite and friendly. I was served by Rob he was very efficient and welcoming.

Anna Hurley 22/04/2014

I was under pressure to buy a pair of shoes today as I have a wedding in 4 days time. I had spent over a week looking online and went into a number of shops (at least 13) today searching for the right colour shoes. I went into Schuh by chance as I wouldn't associate Schuh with occasion wear shoes. A very friendly and helpful member of staff (can't remember her name - dark hair and glasses) approached me and offered her assistance. Within 5 minutes I had tried on and bought a pair of shoes. I was very happy with the service I received.

Margaret Goggin 24/04/2014

Dealt with Killian, who was very helpful and pleasant.. It was lovely to deal with such a cheerful, happy assistant. First time in the store, will definately be back ..

angela collins 14/03/2014

Lisa was so helpful, really listened n gave great advice, wonderful to have pleasure of such excellent sales assistance.

Dario 17/03/2014

Great job guys! :)

Jean Barry-Murphy 21/03/2014

I visited your store today to see if I could buy a pair of Hush Puppies pumps which I had bought last year in a different colour as I had found them to be very comfortable. There was just black and brown on display so I asked the assistant if they were available in red. She was very pleasant and helpful and checked on line for me. As they were available she ordered them for me. The girls name was Emma. She was extremely pleasant and helpful as I must say I find all your staff. I think ye are an example to other shops how to deal with customers.

Leah 24/03/2014

I visited the Patricks St. shop in Cork city. Anne was extremely helpful, could not fault the service. She was very knowledgeable and went out of her way to help me. On a previous visit I was dealing with a man named Darragh who was fantastic, this was the best customer service I have received and I will definetly be returning because of this.

Cecilia turner 26/07/2014

Cashier no 081 Evelyn . .she was very helpful,happy,and very quick. Shopping with a 17 year old for school shoes used to be a nightmare, but since discovering Schuh it's easy! Thank you

Darcy Ireland 29/07/2014

I had a terrific shopping experience at Schuh in Cork — Michael was very helpful, and he genuinely showed interest in my taste in shoes. I would come back again!

Rachel Corkery 01/08/2014

2 very excited small girls getting their new Converse boots for holidays - the assistant was very helpful and chatty to them and me, and the whole store experience was a delight - I'll definitely be back!

Kayleigh Walshe  02/08/2014

It was brilliant service :)

Aaron 12/08/2014

Quick and easy

Mark G 14/08/2014

Darragh served me earlier and he was absolutely fantastic he gave me the best shoe shop experience in my life. I felt it was a personalised to me and he was so helpful. He was naturally genuine and very nice. I am now going to be returning there for my next pair of shoes. because of great customer experience. Really happy with my new shows thanks Darragh .

Rebecca Murphy 16/08/2014

Very happy with my shoes-sketchers go fit-perfect for work. Debbie was great in helping me pick out the right ones for me as I stand all day :-)

Kathryn Cashman 17/08/2014

156 Anne in Cork store was very helpful. A great lady about the store

Orla 17/12/2013

Clem Buckley 20/12/2013

Hi just want to leave a quick comment. To say I got great service yesterday on your Cork store. My sales assistant Sarah was very helpful, professional and most of all a pleasure to deal with. I had been in the store a few days before but didn't buy anything that day I was helped by Shauna, again brilliant service. Thanks guys Clem

Ellen Coakley 17/12/2013

the service in Schuh was exceptional today, the salesman was obliging, efficient and helpful. although the shop was extremely busy he gave me as much time as i needed for assistance, was quick in answering my queries and getting my shoes and was very polite. i do not usually fill out these feedback surveys but due to the very pleasant experience i had today, i felt it was necessary to give this salesman praise and give schuh the positive feedback it deserves.

Janice Dee Buckley 28/05/2014

I have yet to be met with a bad service. Your Cork Store is fantastic. Service 100% satisfactory 100%. Selection 100%. Continue the good work and service.

Vanessa Pratt 31/05/2014

Very friendly and infinitely patient. Good experience for me. Valuable staff member.

Andrew  07/12/2013

Great service, will definitely be using Schuh again

Karen Bergin 06/06/2014

Purchased 2pairs of DC's for my son, Robert assisted & was absolutely fantastic, courteous, extremely helpful. Brought down a different selection of styles, sizes & all the time been so accommodating & helpful. Robert was knowledgable about the styles & sizes & over all very helpful. My son loves this shop and has never had a negative experience. It's good to have such a positive vibe, keep up the good work Schuh, well done.

Kasia 08/06/2014

Fantastic store. Amazing staff. Very friendly and helpful. It was pure pleasure to do shopping in Schuh in Cork. I will never forget how amazing I felt and how well staff was looking after me:)

john shaughnessy 08/06/2014

The Staff were very friendly and efficient... there were four of us trying on different shoes

Kieran 11/06/2014

Very helpful and friendly staff in the schuh staff in cork. Their option to return items up to a year after the purchase date is a great idea. Took back a pair of shoes i bought in january today, June 11th..items were unworn and i had the receipt. staff were very helpful and facilitating..thanks schuh cork

Meg-Elizabeth 17/05/2014

Lovely, lovely, lovely. Claire (011) helped me out and she was wonderful. Very helpful and approachable. Great shopping experience. Will definitely come again soon!

Amy 17/05/2014

Really helpful staff! great selection of shoes.

Jack Lehane 21/05/2014

Sound salesmanship, even sounder individual! It's always a good experience at Schuh, and is solely because of the character of people employed - I'm definitely coming back after San Diego!

Laoise 22/05/2014

such a good Assistant so helpful

Barbara 24/05/2014

Very happy with my visit today. Knowledgeable service with a smile. Found the perfect shoe for me - thank you.

Allisonmccarthy 15/01/2014

The staff were fantastic and even got a bug hello when I entered the stir couldn't praise them enough and also a fab selection of great shoes will be back I store again soon

Elisa Serra 28/06/2014

Hello, I've recently visited my local Schuh store in Cork a couple of times and felt compelled to leave some feedback because the staff there are specially helpful and friendly. Obviously, they do it to get a sale, which in my case did not happen. Still, great attention to the costumer, which is very much appreciated. May I also add that I would love to see more of the edginess that I found in the Schuh collections when I first came across it in Dublin a bunch of years ago?

Emma 29/06/2014

Excellent speedy service from Darragh who brought me a few different pairs of the same shoes to compare the patterns and choose my favourite! Had a lovely chat with James on the till too. Great service all round!

Katharina Gormer 30/06/2014

I was really satisfied with my recent visit to the Schuh Store in Cork. Artur took really care of me and my friend. He managed really well since he had to find the right shoes in the right size for two girls at the same time. I also liked that he gave us a little style advise! Very well done! Thank you again Artur!

Julie 02/07/2014

All the workers were so enthusiastic and friendly. They made sure I was okay for everything. Had my shoes within minutes and bought them straight away. My favourite shop to go into by far!

caroline soupe 15/02/2014

I shopped in Cork schuh store on patrick street and I had a James, I think he said his name was, serve me. He was very friendly and helpful. Keep up the good work and thank you! :)

Edel Cashman 20/02/2014

Service was excellent the young man who served us was extremely helpful kind and talkative and was really nice and pollite

imelda lowen  17/02/2014

The staff were so helpful, it was a pleasure shopping there.

Amanda 29/03/2014

jason 30/03/2014

I was very pleased with the service i received in the shop yesterday by both Robert and Anne. I will definitely shop there again .

Rebecca 06/04/2014

I always have a positive experience when shopping at the Schuh Cork store. The staff have good customer service, particularly James. He's assisted me on several occasions, including my latest visit. He's always very friendly and keen to help, and I think that's rare enough in retail. Thanks!

Helen 03/05/2014

Hugely impressed with the fantastic customer service by the store manager on April 28th. Her name escapes me, but she is a tall slim girl with long brown hair and glasses. I arrived with a worn pair of Schuh boots that I had purchased in the sale, kept for the best part of a month (due to being out of the country) and had no box or receipt. Despite my best efforts, I was no longer able to wear the boots, as one had been made from a stiffer leather than the other and cut into my heel, while the other had loosened out completely and no longer looked or felt much like its partner. The manager was friendly and welcoming, and had no trouble painstakingly searching for my purchase on the system. Though there were no more of those boots for sale in store, she located a pair in my size in the stockroom and happily exchanged them for me, while promising I could return them if the problem was to happen again. Well done Cork manager and thank you. I am always impressed with Schuh's customer service (though sometimes the sales assistants can be a bit too pseudo friendly), you excel where so many others fall and it makes all the difference to the shopping experience. Keep up the good work (and bring back the 20% student discount). Thanks!

Mary O' Connell 09/05/2014

Hi, I bought shoes for my daughter in your 122 Patrick Street Cork shop yesterday for my daughter. Robyn was the girl that looked after us. She was very helpful and nice to my daughter... and had lots of patience for a 3 year old!!!! If and when I'm back in Cork I will def be returning to your shop. Delighted with the service and the price... Thanks very much to your staff member Robyn... plus my daughter loved her.... she gave her a balloon!!!!

Ann Geary 15/05/2014

The staff were extremely helpful and friendly. I'll definitely shop there again!

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