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address/opening times

  • Queensgate Shopping Centre
  • Lower Ground Floor Unit 41
  • Peterborough
  • PE1 1NL
  • 01733807634
This weeks opening times
Tue 2nd Sep 0900-1800
Wed 3rd Sep 0900-1800
Thu 4th Sep 0900-2000
Fri 5th Sep 0900-2000
Sat 6th Sep 0900-1800
Sun 7th Sep1030-1630
       Next weeks opening times
Mon 8th Sep 0900-1800
Tue 9th Sep 0900-1800
Wed 10th Sep 0900-1800
Thu 11th Sep 0900-2000
Fri 12th Sep 0900-2000
Sat 13th Sep 0900-1800
Sun 14th Sep1030-1630
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local info

Our store opened back in 2010 and is located in the Queensgate Centre which is in the heart of Peterborough town centre, about 1 hours drive away from Leicester, Cambridge and Nottingham and only 50 minutes from London on the train. The store also hosts a variety of styles from our schuh kids range!

what you say...

martha earlam 29/07/2012

The staff are really lovely

Cate Harding 28/07/2014

The store was very helpful when I was looking for a pair of shoes for my holiday. The sales advisor was very welcoming, and knew exactly what I was looking for and was quick service all together. Mercedes, who served me, was very patient when I was trying to figure out which pair best suited me, and I really appreciated her effort regarding this. Overall I had an enjoyable time being served at Schuh today and would recommend the sales assistants' customer service to people. Thanks Cate

Alex Silvester 13/06/2013

10 out of 10, fast, polite and conciensciecious . Just brilliant service would travel miles for it again. :)

Mrs Valerie Southgate 19/06/2013

Thank you Schuh, and in particular, Mitchell at your Peterborough store. I was looking for Uggs and I have a particular problem as I'm an adult requiring a size 1 boot. Mitchell showed me both sizes 1 and 2 so that I could be sure I had the most comfortable fit. I was ideally looking for a classic tall pair, so Mitchell searched your online but unfortunately they were not stocked. He explained clearly your great returns policy and I went away to think about my purchase. With confidence I returned later and purchased the classic junior boots and the cleaning kit. My only regret was that Mitchell was not available for me to complete the sale with him. The two young ladies who later helped me to complete my purchase were also very good. All round, lovely service and a pleasure to shop at my first time at Schuh. I even returned the next day to the store to thank Mitchell personally. I would definitely buy from you again, especially if I could get the taller boot. Thank you all so much, Val x

Lucid 22/06/2013

All staff extremely helpful and friendly.

Lauran 23/08/2012

All the staff we're so cheerful and polite, they all seemed as if they enjoy their job! They were so helpful as well, and the process of getting my shoes was so quick, and as they didnt have my size in the shop they ordered them for me. They had a large range of different colour vans, dr martins, uggs etc. The store layout was good too. Love this shop :)

Christian Trinder 29/08/2012

Today (29th August 2012) I purchased my 10 year old daughter her first pair of Converse shoes. The assistant who helped us choose the shoes and the colour was called Antoinette. She was extremley helpful and great fun at the same time . She really made us feel important and made the whole experience fun . Because of her I will be returning to the store to buy myself and my wife a pair of Converse shoes in the near future . Please pass on my thanks to Antoinette for a great shopping experience . Keep up th goodwork !!!

Jemma Horton 30/10/2012

Very nice and helpful :) lovely sales assistants.

Jane  04/11/2012

I was in your peterborough branch this saturday 3rd november with my daughter. I was looking at getting her first pair of converse as she has been asking for some time. We was greeted as soon as we entered the store witch was lovely. Me and my daughter spent some time looking at the shoes when we was approached by a female manager ashley she spent some time talking to us both and was very sweet and helpful. She asked someone to get our shoes and the services was wonderful the staff member joe I think was very helpful it was so nice have such great customer service in a shop at a busy time. On our way to the till the female manager come over to see how we got on and wished us a good day. The service I reserved in your store felt very personal and I will soon be back. Theses staff members are a credit to your company

Julie Steels 21/11/2012

My husband and his daughter came into store on a Thurs late night and couldnt have been more impressed with the service. Although they didnt make a purchase they commented on the attentive member of staff and the overall helpfulness. They wouldnt hesitate to return for future purchases!

Kellie Alletson 21/11/2012

All the Staff were really good and helpful, there was one specific member of staff with Blonde hair, I think her name was Chloe, she was absolutely fantastic. She was as helpful as she could be and then made the process of buying shoes, fast and free of stress, a compliment to the store completely.

Farhina 14/01/2013

I went in to purchase some shoes but find it quite difficult to find the right size as I am between a 4 and 5. However, the staff were very patient and helpful! I love the different style of shoes

Deborah Burgess 13/01/2013

Went into the Peterborough store on Fri 4th Jan and received excellent help in getting my son some new Vans. The size he needed they did not have in store but was offered a free delivery service to my door. The shoes arrived by 8am on the following Monday. Excellent service all round. Would not hesitate to use again. Thanks for providing a pleasant shopping experience.

Alex 01/12/2012

Fantastic service and a generally nice shoe shop. 5 stars from me.

george burton  03/12/2012

very good service always smiling thanks

jin skhoui 04/12/2012

Came into your Peterborough branch at around 7:30. was rushing as I needed some heels for a party. Found a bargain in your shop (the heels in the sale) but didn't have any size 3's and they were not available to order your sales assistant brought out size 4's. They were a little bit big, but your sales assistant did everything in her power to make sure I could go home with these shoes I was in love with. She brought out insoles and heel grips which made them perfect. The right foot was on display and was heavily marked and had pen marks on, i asked her if I could get these marks off and she was very honest in telling me that it would be difficult and I could risk damaging the shoe. I loved her honesty and that even though this was just a cheap pair of shoes she took her time out to be honest but still be polite, these days it is hard to find honesty in retail. as a good will she offered me the insoles and heel grips for free after I was being a pain. Just wanted to thank her for her amazing customer service, and for her honesty, deffo will be back. could you pass on her my good words and my apologies for being a pain, and a little rude at times to which she stayed polite at times P.s Your returns policy is AMAZING!!!

Sheringham Reynolds 07/12/2012

Tyisha is an excellent sales assistant, very happy and chirpy, and happy to help and talk to you and give advice. Very pleased with the service and transaction :)

Graham Cooper 20/05/2013

Brilliant service. Both the shop floor assistant and the till assistant were helpful, smiley, friendly and helpful. They should be congratulated. I was very impressed.

Sharron Bentley 31/05/2013

Excellent service all the way through.Staff extremely polite and helpful and nothing was too much trouble.It was an absolute pleasure to find a store with such good customer service as this seems to be lacking nowadays.

Claire Castle 30/05/2013

Saba was a fantastic assistant and really helped me find the shoes I wanted. Her customer service was excellent and nothing was too much trouble. She offered me alternatives and helped me when the shoe didnt quite fit offering insoles and heel grips. Its been a while since I received this level of good service. Well done Saba excellent shop assistant. I ended up buying two pairs x

Dave Hodges 06/01/2013

Was in your store this week and all I can say is how amazing it was. It was very busy and all the staff where running around. I was greeted by a young lady call Ashleigh she asked if I was ok and what I was looking for all the staff where busy so she popped to the stock room to get my shoes herself. The service I received from her was great she was very attentive to my needs and was happy to help with whatever I asked. At the same time she was looking after the other staff checking that they were all getting on ok. It was so good to see a manager get so involved with the staff and customers you can tell she loves her job and wants the staff to have fun.

victoria 06/01/2013

Love this shop was shopping there last Sunday and the atmosphere in hear was great the relationship between the managers and staff was so enjoyable to see they were all joking and having fun getting the customers involved. At this time of year it is so lovely to see. I had a lovely chat with your managers there called Ashleigh and Steven (I think I am sorry if I got this wrong) but they are very sweet and the envorment they greeted with the staff made my shopping experiences so enjoyable.

Chloe 26/07/2013

The staff were really helpful with sizes and getting the shoes

Sandra Penver 19/01/2013

Brilliant! I live over 30 miles away from Peterborough so rarely visit there for shopping, but I was collecting my daughter from her grandparents so thought I'd pop in and buy some boots I'd seen on your website. There were not in stock and I was told that I could order them in store and they would be delivered to my home address the next day at no extra cost. I bought them yesterday afternoon and they had arrived - in snow - by 9 this morning. The staff were friendly and helpful without being over the top. Couldn't fault the service.

Chris Morphew 26/01/2013

Excellent service from Sadie who was able to answer any questions & was very informative.

Katherine Green 25/01/2013

The staff were very helpful and we were served very quickly.

Martin Epps 19/06/2013

Your sales assistant Tyisha is a credit to you. She was clearly very busy, but had a wide smile for us and couldn't have been more helpful - and it was nearly closing time. Lovely advert for your store. Well done.

Sophie Molesworth 22/06/2013

Excellent customer service, the guy who served me and helped me find the correct size was brilliant, very helpful and friendly!

Sandra Cripps 23/06/2013

Excellent service and advice.

Sonia Ramsay 30/12/2013

I love my boots everyone very helpful

Marcus Drummond  31/12/2013

Popped in on the 22nd. (Sunday before Xmas) and was firstly put off by the amount of people in the store as it was mental. I was then surprised by how well the store was running, management was getting involved and helping as much as possible. I asked for the shoes I wanted to a boy with a little top knot pony tail with braces, and he was quick and thorough in telling me they didn't have them in stock and I could order a pair, so he gave me a slip and directed me to the till where there was a very long que. As I went over an Indian looking manager with ridiculously long black hair, wearing a baggy black shirt and leggings with the coolest green boots ever came over, asked if I was ordering shoes, and took me to the system and I was done placing my order in a few minutes rather than waiting in the que. Great service especially at peak trading times. Both members of staff were very helpful and lovely too. My shoes also arrived Xmas eve!!! Thank you Schuh!

Joanna Riley  31/12/2013

Popped in Boxing Day and loved the atmosphere. Whilst trying shoes on it was great to see the management team so involved, and having so much fun at work. The Irish manager and the 2 Asian managers looked like they all got on and the banter was great, especially as they got us involved. The guy with the ginger hair and the peircings didn't seem to convinced though, looked stressed . Probably was his first sale. Overall a great atmosphere. Please thank the guys and could you also let the Asian manager wearing glasses with a messy bun know that she was right, and what she suggested I wear on my date looked pretty good, thank you.

sal taylor 09/01/2014

very helpful staff, who sorted out my questions, got me what i needed and reassured me if they didnt fit i could bring them back

Carolyn Crippa 07/10/2013

Never shopped with yourselves until now - after my sister purchased my son some vans for his birthday they were not the correct size so I went back into the store with him and my 4 year old daughter. All the staff we amazing! Not only did they check the shoes to help find something suitable in between the short delays of getting shoes from out back they spoke with my children took notice that my son was interested in the hats and had a disscussion with him and showed him what you had in store and my daughter had her dolls and they included her too! This was honestly one of the most enjoyable and pleasant shopping trips I've had In a long time! Credit where it's due to all the staff especially Mitch at the peterborough store and the manager - will be back for the hat this week and will be the first place I go for shoes in the future keep up the good work : )

Rosie Goodwin 10/09/2013

Me and my dad came in today to buy some converse and received brilliant service not only by the manager but the staff too. I was served by a lively gentlemen who was so helpful. Whenever I come into schuh I never leave unsatisfied will the service as everyone is always so helpful and friendly, greeted on the way in and way out. Me and my dad would like to thank you for providing us with such excellent service, will return many times.

Ria 22/09/2013

Ben - 099 Ben was very helpful, polite and friendly. Service was fast and he found what I was looking for.

Alexandra Maynard  11/02/2013

I absolutely hate shopping, I used to think people in retail are fake and just after your money. I really needed some shoes for work and was dreading the task. I may have come on with a prejudgment of what to expect, but the minute I walked on was greeted by a lovely Asian girl. I went over to the heels and she kindly approached asking if I need any assistance. I liked her manner and the fact she was not pushy. When I told her (eirfat, as it says on the reciept)I needed work shoes, she directed me over to hush puppies, saying these would provide me comfort. She showed me a few pairs to which I tried on and fell in love. I may have tried on 5 pairs, but she still had a smile on her face, she was an absolute delight and felt like I wasn't shopping for shoes, I was just having a general conversation with a friend. She is an absolute credit to your company, and I'm sure ill be seeing her again when I next go into schuh so thank you P.s could you let her know that I did get 2 size 6 as well as a right foot and a left foot. I'm sure she will understand what I'm saying.

Eilish Holdsworth 19/02/2013

Service was amazing. Ellie was brilliant, chatty and helpful. Loved her. I'll definately go back to get some new vans.

katrina walsh 09/09/2013

Our cashier was a pure delight (Mitchell). Our product was retrieved quickly from the stockroom and he was friendly and polite throughout the transaction. Faultless.

Thanaa Charles 12/08/2013

Thank you Mitchell for being so great and hunting down the last pair of old style Burgundy Converse All Stars for me. You're awesome :-)

Jessica Whatling 16/03/2013

Amazing service and very helpful. My ugg boots were faulty and they exchanged even tho it was quite a while ago. I buy lots of footwear from schuh and I will countine due to such a great store who are always happy to help. Thank you very much!!!

Gayle 23/03/2013

Bought my wedding shoes today.Very friendly service from a lovely guy from Belfast. He was helpful but gave me space to try on and discuss/decide too. Good banter but no pressure, a perfect balance. He wished my fiancé and I luck for our upcoming wedding, outlined guarantee etc. Overall, an enjoyable experience weirdly, thanks!

Ciaran 24/03/2013

Very helpful and friendly service from Steven and Serah. Seems to be an efficient, well run store which I will definitely visit again!

Ryan Higgitt 05/11/2013

I love this store. The staff are always happy and very helpful, very knowledgeable and really willing to go the extra mile for the customer.

Jeannette Elrick 08/06/2013

Excellent service by both the Assistant and Cashier. The shop was busy but I didn't feel rushed and the experience was pleasent.

Dean  01/06/2013

Hi I was shopping in your store this Thursday with my children. The service from start to finish was just simple great I was served by a young lady called Ashleigh. She spent a fair amount of time with myself and children as they couldn't decided on what they wanted. She advised us on the shoes and was very honest if the fit was not correct. The time she spent getting to know my children made a relaxed environment and a great shopping experience and I will definitely be back Thank you Dean

Matthew Stratton 03/06/2013

Very good service. Staff extremely polite and helpful. Would recommend to all friends.

Mrs Jacqui Slater 07/04/2013

I took my two children to the Peterborough branch on 5/4/13 and what a pleasure to be served. Ellie was the first assistant to approach us, her manner was polite, friendly & informative. Once my son choose his shoes Serah continued with the sale. Her interaction with my son was appropriately pitched & interpersonal skills were equal of the high standard of Ellie's. We then went on to buy my daughter shoes, she has a rare skin condition which effects how she looks. Serah treated her as a normal teenager and made no reference to her being different. This high standard of service is somewhat exceptional! She also has issues with her feet and the staff supported by the manager Steve, were able to problem solve with ease and discretion. I shall certainly be a return customer and telling my friends of the outstanding service at Schuh. The staff were happy, worked as a team with the customers as the focus and well supported by their manager. The two other members of staff on the shop floor acknowledge me and bid me Good Bye. Really impressed! Many thanks from a very satisfied customer Mrs Jacqui Slater

paige 09/04/2013

People where so kind and helpful also friendly they helped me decide on the shoes I wanted and so glad I got the ones I did x

Judith Phillips 10/04/2013

Served by Saba, she was very helpful, recommended the appropriate size shoe for my daughter, and suggested she try them with popsocks rather than ordinary socks. She apologised for the delay in bringing the shoes, even though she brought them much more quickly than we expected. Saba gave us excellent service.

sally allen 11/04/2013

Assistant 097 James Visited Peterborough store. Served by a very polite and well mannered young boy called James. Well done.

carl wells 12/04/2013

Didnt have my size in store, so ordered them, arrived on my doorstep with in 24 hours! Very happy, staff very helpful and polite, will buy from yhe store again

Lisa smith  30/04/2013

Came into store to get my daughter some converse. The task seems simple but I have a daughter who has a rare skin disease as well as a personality disorder so the task was like climbing Mount Everest. My daughter screams when she sees a new face let alone someone touching her feet. Walked into Schuh and was greeted by a young Asian girl named Eirfat. My daughter set off, which must hAve been awkward, but Eirfat didn't mind. She came over whilst I was looking at kids shoes and offered the measuring service you offered. I explained my daughters disability to which Eirfat was happy to still measure. Every store I have been in they have refused other than Eirfat. So I was over the moon she agreed. Her approach with my daughter was flawless. She built a relationship first rather than jumping in. After my daughter calmed down she got measured and we got the shoes After 10 years Eirfat is the first stranger my daughter has let come near her so quite an achievement. I would like to personally thank Eirfat for her patience and attitude and her amazing skills. She is a credit to your company and deffo should have a career with special need kids she was great. Thank you so much!!

David De Sa 02/05/2013

I am happy with my purchase of converse shoes. The assistant (Saba) was very helpful to me. And I was served rather quickly. Will be buying some shoes from the store sometime this year again.

Ben danskin 20/02/2013

Me and my wife popped in half hour a go to get my wife some bridesmaid shoes. Was served by a girl named eirfat. An absolute babe as my wife called her. She tried on about 5 pairs but was still patient and lovely helped in any form she could gave advise as my wife has a difficult colour of a dress. Even though we couldn't purchase the shoes As they were just a bit too high for a wedding. She even advised where we could look else where. no one ever does that. i left with a pair of converse. She is a credit to your company and best service we have received ever. Could you please thank her.

David short 24/02/2013

Excellent service from start to finish!

Eleanor Donoghue 06/12/2012

Today I needed to return some boots as they decided to leak. I loved the boots and was sorry to see them go, especially as there was no option for a like-for-like replacement. This is no fault of Schuh but to Fly London for not anticipating my issue! LOL! The Store Manager at the Peterborough store was very helpful, especially as my printer decided to print the left hand side of my order confirmation and I didn't think it would matter as the order code was visible. It took a little time to all the details, but we got there in the end. Steven was kind, helpful and very patient with me! And smelt lovely too!

phoebe swaffield 29/09/2013

Ben was really great and enthusiastic, he was a massive help I was very impressed

EMMA MITCHELL 28/09/2013

i would like to say what excellent service my daughter and i had when purchasing a pair of Toms.The guy who served us was extremely helpful and friendly.He gave us lots of helpful information regarding ordering and getting shoes delivered to home. I cant remember his name but was very creative looking(with tatoos, piercings and wacky hair, like my teenager daughter!!) It seems to be a rare thing now to get good customer service like this.

Bill Jackson 03/10/2013

I don't usually go shopping for shoes in store as I like to order them off the internet. But I came in and I had a guy serve me called Ben. He was really nice and when I walked into the store he didn't pressure me like the other people on the shop floor did. When I went up to him he was friendly and got the shoes I wanted really fast. We had a good conversation about the shoes I bought and really helped me out. I will come to schuh more often now as of the service I got on Sunday.

Carly Smith 03/07/2013

The two staff members that helped me were amazing, very friendly and kind. Met my every need and were just awesome! Mitchel was great, he didn't moan that i tuck ages choosing my footwear or going to get those socky things for me. He made great conversation aswell, intsead of just doing his job, he went beyond it :) I'm extremely happy withe the service they provided.

Shirley Upton 10/07/2013

Very impressed. The young assistant (Saba) was extremely helpful. My husband ended up buying one pair of shoes and ordering a second pair - even though the ones he originally choose weren't available in his size. It was Saba bringing him similar alternatives that let to both of these actions. The cashier (Eirfat) has also thorough and efficient.

Catherine Myland 11/07/2013

Very impressed with stock but most importantly service from the team :- prompt very friendly, helpful and answered questions about kids schuhs. I will be back.

Geraldine Wood 21/04/2013

Visited Peterborough store yesterday to buy some trainers for my son. Staff were very helpful and friendly. They apologised for keeping waiting although we hadn't been waiting long at all. Assistant was Danielle and Cashier was Saba. I wish other stores showed the same level of customer service! Geraldine Wood

Kay gregory 19/04/2013

I was quickly approached by Ellie who helped me pick out a pair of converse. Then a man (sorry I didn't get his name but he did tell me he was a size 7 shoe!) came over with the shoes and advised me. I left thinking what brilliant service it was.

Julian Birch 16/12/2012

Staff are very polite and welcoming. Were helpful when dealing with our questions and refunding. Will be back again

Matt  21/12/2012

Really friendly staff who asked me if I needed any help as soon as I got in, found the shoe's I wanted quickly, made sure they were ok for me, and then were very polite at the till. Excellent service and store, and the main reason why I buy from the store rather than online.

andew cartswright 21/12/2012

came in to your store to get my daughter a Christmas present. she had asked for creepers WHAT ARE CREEPERS! you sales assistant came and approached me and I told her my dilemma. she was very very helpful polite and honest. never have I been to a retail store and recieved such fine customer service. you could tell she enjoyed what she does, not many people do these days. it also helped that she was fashionable, so easier to get advise off. could you please thank Eirfat? (thats the name on the reciept) for making my life easier at this horrible time of year.

katie wangnu 25/12/2012

loved loved loved the atmosphere in the store on christmas eve. great to see staff enjoying there jobs. loved the asian girl, the girl with short blonde hair as well as the young girl with brunette hair having a little dance to christmas songs, as well as getting customers to join in. deffo set the festive mood, so thankyou guys for making me feel christmassy. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

rihanne shatsy 23/12/2012

came into your store on saturday, you guys were mental. but was served by a girl, i think named irphat. was very very helpful, especially at this time of the year. very bubbly, and even though she constantly had people coming up to her for shoes, she still took the time out to make sure I received the best customer service!! so thank you!!

antonette ryans  23/12/2012

Came in on saturday. loved the atmosphere. you had a penguin, a dinosaur, a santa. and loads of elves. what more can you ask for!! especially pleased by the young lady that served me. asian girl, messy hair and had white and black brouge vans on ( i want those vans) wearing a light up santa hat, also has braces. very helpful, very funny, great advise and to top it off a great laugh. love the relationship your store has between each other. the banter was also very amusing to watch between the young asian girl and the irish manager. BEST SHOP EVER!!!! ( I want to be apart of this storee!!

Rob Patterson 29/12/2012

Just wanted to leave feedback to say what a fantastic experience I had in your Peterborough store on 26/12/12. The store was very busy due to it being the first day of the sales, and I had to wait a considerable amount of time to try on the shoes I was hoping to buy. The manager was very friendly and apologetic and went out of his way to help me, despite how busy the store was. He turned what could have been a negative customer service experience into a very positive one. The manager in question is a credit to your company and because of his amiable and helpful nature I would not hesitate to use Schuh again, or recommend it to family and friends! Many thanks, Rob

Tony Cunnington 29/12/2012

Love the shoes they are different like me and suit my personality they are soo comfortable and are now my most favourite shoes.

Philip Bloor 29/12/2012

Shopping at this store was a delight. No problems at all. The staff were all super friendly and helpful. Nothing was too much trouble. I am not a fan of shopping, but this experience made it very bearable. I would like to single out the store manager, and two sales assistants who deserve special praise and recognition. They were James and Ellie. They served our family when we bought two pairs of shoes. They were very helpful and couldn't do enough to help us. It was great. I pointed out the staff members to the manager, and he thanked me for letting him know. All of the staff in the store were running around like crazy, as it was very busy in the shop, but they still kept smiling all the time, despite working do hard! All the staff seemed happy, even though it was late in the day, and very busy, which is a credit to the manager and his people skills. This store was great. Thankyou for providing me with a perfect, fun, shopping experience! I'll be back for more! Please pass my comments onto the relevant people, including the people mentioned above.

Ross 12/05/2013

James, who got the shoes for me, was polite and efficient, explained the returns policy and asked about my shoes likes/dislikes etc. which was nice. At the counter I was served by the lovely Tyisha who once again was polite and had a nice chat, very easy to talk to, I usually struggle with exceptionally good looking girls! So overall my interaction with these members of staff was A+++ will return to buy shoes in future from Schuh!

Antonia Campbell  11/05/2013

Fabulous in store service, shoes arrived the next day. Great product, could be the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned.

Hollie Sinfield 13/11/2013

The store staff were extremely helpful when I went in today and couldn't do enough to help me thank you

James 16/02/2014

Excellent service from your Queensgate store. Didn't really know quite what I was looking for but was helped by a really friendly guy (Fred Perry top, tattoos) who was really patient throughout. Even though I tried on lots of different pairs he advised me what would suit each style, he seemed really clued up on trends and what's suitable for going out in London. The girl on the till was helpful as well, great atmosphere in store and I'll definately recommend.

Bethany  01/12/2013

Fantastic Wish there was more discount and vouchers to use though around Christmas period Friendly staff always willing to help

Thomas Crossland 18/06/2014

Very happy with the service! Came in and was instantly asked whether I needed any assistance, once I said no the assistant stepped away and did not pressure me and once I asked she was able to check the sizes and what other colours you stock of the shoe I want, An assistant called Ellie served me with my actual pairs of shoes and brought them out in a quick speed, asked me politely if they were the correct size and throughout the service asked the correct questions about the product and how I was feeling about it whilst also taking a suitable interest in me as a person (asking how I have been and what I have been up to etc) and found the perfect balance between being too pushy and not saying enough, I worked serving shoes for 7 months and still occasionally do at my new retail job and this was by far the best shoe service I have received whilst being on the other side of the transaction! Very much recommend the shop and especially Ellie as a shoe assistant!

Sam Hartridge 03/03/2014

I just wanted to say a huge "Thank You" to your Peterborough staff today for the excellent service and friendly attitude. Special mention goes to Josh who served me first time and also to Drew who showed me a sneak peek of some new lines that are coming in shortly. Working in retail myself, it is great to see staff that have the correct attitude towards customers, greeting them with a smile and a hello and being polite and courteous with it. They spent time understanding what I wanted and I never felt rushed. All the staff knew their products. They are a credit to the Company and I will be back for more :)

Ellie Beaumont 07/08/2014

Really impressed with the service I received in your Peterborough store on Wednesday. Drew was extremely helpful and ordered a pair of shoes to be delivered in time for the weekend, they arrived at my boyfriend's work address (in Wales!) in 24 hours! Excellent service!

Donata 08/08/2014

Had really great experience . The guy who served me was very friendly and we had a great conversation thank you

Adrian Cooper 18/12/2013

I ordered a pair of trainers from our local store as they were out of stock and have been very impressed with the service received. From the service in the shop to the regular email up dates and speed of delivery(2 working days), I have would definitely recommend using this store. Thank you Schuh

Danica May 11/06/2014

me and my son popped into store to get him some new school shoes. the store was busy but i was shocked at how well the store was ran and all staff seemed to really be enjoying being at work even though the sun was out. Staff were busy but was shocked that we were served by a manager rather than having to wait for a member of staff to be freed up. I think the manager serving us was eirfat. she didn't seem well, but didnt let that effect the flawless customer service we received from start to finish. Had a great sense of presence about her and very imformative being completely honest to make sure we left with the right shoes. My son is autistic and has down syndrome so can be a nightmare at times, but eirfat was great with him, very patient, even measured his feet when we were unsure.(retailers usually back away and send us elsewhere when it comes to measuring him becase he is a nightmare) the shoes we wanted wasnt in stock, but we ordered them and they were here ridiculously quick. thankyou schuh, will definitely be recommending and will be back. please could you also thank eirfat and the team for a great service.

Tim Antony  13/06/2014

Fantastic service! Great to come to a store and see someone with a sence of humour and isn't boring. So much fun, great visit and left the store with a huge smile on my face. Wasn't sure what shoes I wanted but was still patient and let me try on 6 pairs. Best service ever!!!! Can't wait to come back for my next pair?! The name on the receipt says it was Eirfat that had served me! Thanks Schuh

Susan Dyson 01/05/2014

Dear sir I had to write to compliment a member of your staff, Drew Wrixen, for his treatment to my problem. I visited the store due to having lost some detailing off of my boots, Drew listened to my problem and understood my disappointment of loosing the decorative detailing. He proceeded to take my contact details and make the relevant calls, and informed me that someone would come back to me shortly. This was at 2pm. By 5pm he phoned me to say replacement parts were on their way to me shortly. I'm delighted with the service I received and he should be praised for his actions, as he was prepared to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. Kind regards Sue Dyson

Nicola Barlow 04/02/2014

Absolutely fantastic service..!! I was extremely impressed with the staff in your Peterborough branch - they were friendly and helpful without being 'pushy'. The size I required was unavailable, but the assistant suggested ordering and having them delivered to my home address. I received an email to inform me that my order was being processed, another to inform me that my shoes had been dispatched, another to give an approximate delivery time, & a final email confirming delivery at my home address....all in less than 21 hours!! This was my first shopping experience at Schuh, and it certainly won't be my last. Many thanks to all concerned. P.S. Shoes are fab!!

Charine anne kathrine 03/07/2014

brought some leather dainty converse from schuh in june and my daughter had worn them 3 times to which they gave her huge blisters on her heel and caused her to bleed. fuming that I wasted 55 quid on shoes we couldn't afford I went to schuh and took my anger out on the manager whose name I believed is irfat? she stayed calm and really understood my problem and after inspecting the shoes for a few minutes she told me that there doesn't seem to be a manufacturing fault on the shoe and is more to do with the fit of the shoe. my daughter has 3 pairs of high top converse and they were all fine so didn't understand why these were causing so much pain. the indian manager stayed calm, polite even though I was angry and shouting at her she sympathised and said that the shoes have hardly been worn so my daughter could try wearing them in and the leather to soften up. she then said maybe some heel grips would help and went and got a pair for my daughter to have free of charge. my daughter has now worn the shoes with the heel grips and has had no blisters or problems. so I would just like to apologise to the young indian manager and say a huge thanks for her help and patience. deffo made my negative experience into a positive, and thankful that eventhough I was rude, she stayed professional and still helped as much as she could. thanks schuh.

Monika 06/07/2014

Hi Schuh. I lately bought Bad Reputation sandals and love them!! There is no day without someone paying compliment about them. Huge thank you to store staff Serah, Drew and Andre for helping me decide between sizes. You got saint patience! haha.. you are amazing team and making customers want shop there more. I definitely will! :)

Justin Ede 05/07/2014

The staff were very helpful and the store was very clean. It was disappointing to find out the this store is only one of a few that do not offer military discount to their customers.

lindsay short 23/04/2014

Was served by Ben who was very friendly and professional overall fantastic customer service, was a pleasure shopping there!!:)

John Kynnersley 10/12/2013

very friendly, helpful staff. very good service.

Kirsty atkins 07/12/2013

Excellent customer service. The young lady was very patient and helpful even when I had to keep ringing my kids to check they were the right trainers. Assistant 010 Lois 10/10 for Lois

Francisco Romao  07/06/2014

I was there to buy a shoes and they didn't have my size in store but they were quickly to solve the question in the best way for me. They were nice e confident.

david rose 08/06/2014

Drew was very friendly and despite a very busy environment, was able to spend time providing advice and well educated suggestions. Kara served me at the till. Again very friendly and supportive service. Keep this up and I will ensure I always use schuh. Thanks to you both.

Mike Peters 19/05/2014

Went in to store on Sunday and I was served by a young man, he was busy however this didn't seem to bother him! I was after a pair of timberlands, they didn't have the ones I wanted in however he offered me an alternative one and he brought that out for me. I tried it on and asked questions about the durability of the boots and he talked about the quality of the boots and how he knows people who have them and swear by them! I ended up buying the boots, even though they weren't the colour I wanted. I would like to thank the young man who took his time and was very knowledgeable about the products! Great customer service, I will defiantly be back!

richard davies 21/05/2014

Excellent service thank you

Karen aston 21/05/2014

The staff are really nice and was served quickly

francesca 22/08/2014

I came Into the qweensgate store to get some memory foam skechers. I was served my Serah. She was very friendly, poliet, helpful and made me feel very welcome as it was my first time visiting the store

James Thompson 31/12/2013

Cannot say enough about the quality of service everytime I've used this store, even when there was a problem it was dealt with swiftly and efficiently and all the floor staff are polite and curtious, a credit to the company and encourages me to shop there.

chloe short 31/12/2013

popped in sunday before xmas, absolutely fantastic!!! staff were extremely busy but still very helpful. made xmas shopping less stressfull. great organised team. thanks schuh

Elizabeth edwards 28/06/2014

the shoes I liked in the store we're marked, assistant ordered & said next day delivery to my home address, very pleased with the quick service & resolving the issue as I really wanted these shoes....great speedy service. Thankyou schuh

Debbie 16/02/2014

Had a problem with an online purchase, Kara and Drew could not have been more helpful! Kara in particular was great, really rare these days she was so friendly!

Paige smith 03/04/2014

Staff were all cheerful and joking about with each other, felt very welcomed. Staff always greeting and asking if ok and if need help ask. The staff who went to get my shoes was very quick, very pleased.

Luci Griffin 15/05/2014

Great service from assistant Shane and cashier Drew. Both extremely helpful. The shoes i wanted weren't in stock in my size but i received them the very next day at my home address. Gorgeous shoes, fantastic customer service. Will definitely be back to the Peterborough store. Extra special mention to Drew for being all-round fabulous :)

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