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  • Trafford Park Shopping Centre
  • Upper Regent Crescent Unit 138
  • Manchester
  • M17 8AP
  • 01616603778
Parking available
This weeks opening times
Wed 27th Aug 1000-2200
Thu 28th Aug 1000-2200
Fri 29th Aug 1000-2200
Sat 30th Aug 1000-2100
Sun 31st Aug1100-1800
       Next weeks opening times
Mon 1th Sep 1000-2000
Tue 2nd Sep 1000-2200
Wed 3rd Sep 1000-2200
Thu 4th Sep 1000-2200
Fri 5th Sep 1000-2200
Sat 6th Sep 1000-2100
Sun 7th Sep1100-1800
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local info

Trafford Centre is well known as a shopper's paradise and a hub of activity. The Centre offers everything from shops, restaurants, cocktail bars, mini golf and even an indoor ski slope - The Chill Factore! Our store is located in Trafford Park and also hosts a variety of styles from our schuh kids range! The store is also only a 30 minute bus ride away from bustling Manchester.

what you say...

jason hall 29/07/2012

i was served by yvonne then sam,on a busy saturday and received the best customer service ive probably ever had! they were friendly,helpful and like real people,not assistants- its my new shoe shop now (no i dont work there) so well done all round- +++++++

michelle jakeway 28/07/2012

Although it was busy the staff and service was fab!! Thank you

Amelia Dove 28/07/2012

Recently visited this store in Trafford Cente. Within 30 seconds we had been approached by Sam T. The shop was extremely busy, but we had his full attention as he showed us what we asked for. The service was fantastic and we ended up purchasing due to Sam T. Just wanted to say thank you so much.

Caroline Maddocks 03/08/2012

What fantastic service!! The store was packed when I visited, and usually turning up in a shop with

Lesley Ward 27/06/2012

Really impressed with the service I received at the Trafford Centre @schuhshoes great knowledge, and great delivery service - thanks!

James 08/08/2012

Staff were so good. Really Polite and Helpful. Needed to do an exchange from an order online and they were fully compliant and it wasant a problem. The lady got the shoes from the back really quickly and there was no need for waiting. I am definately going to buy all my shoes from here! amazing customer service, 5 stars!

Lorna McCloy 04/08/2012

All i can say is, you must be a great company to work for. I'v never been into a shop where every member of the staff are so happy and smiley and so willing to help. Me and my partner went into Shuh - Trafford Centre about a month ago on a hunt for shoes for him, although im not too fussed with his shoes (which we left with 3 new pairs of). While he was messing about trying every shoe in the shop on, i was having a nosey round looking at kids stuff. Currently pregnant im obsessed with baby anything. When a lovely girl approached me and started telling me about the new range of baby shoes that Shuh were bringing out in the next few weeks. Well that had me there, i was back again for my baby Toms and baby Adidas. Walking into a very busy store is always a bit daunting, especially when your in need of advice. So theres me, hovering around the new kids shoe section wondering what the hell all these different sizes mean. I found myself some Shuh staff and began with my questioning. Now this girl was obviously extremely busy, but she didnt try to rush me away, she went above and beyond my expectations to help me. Theres going the extra mile for a customer, well the staff in here run bloody marathons for you! Besides being baby obsessed at the moment, it was the staff that made me go back into the store for the second time. I really cant express enough how helpful, knowledgeable and friendly EVERY member of staff are in the store, even working on the till the information the staff just have stored inside them is astonishing. Iv never experienced such amazing customer service anywhere else, but not only once, its every time iv been in. I know iv gone on a little here and i could go on alot more, but im just so impressed i had to tell somebody about it. Thank you. Lorna McCloy.

steve 19/08/2012

I'm a 45 year old man, I'm off to Spain on Monday and her indoors recommended that I get a pair of Toms footwear. Anyroad I have no idea what you feed your staff but it was an absolute pleasure , the store was packed and yet an old crusty like me was treated like a prince. Best customer experience ever and I know my onions. Smiles,pleasant small talk, great attitudes. Tell you what, I am going to that shop for EVERY pair of shoes I ever buy till I croak, I KNOW I wont be made to feel old and daft You better thank them young folks as I was genuinely blown away . Wonderful just terrific , thank them for me

Marina Noden 21/07/2014

I am really impressed with the service from Schuh. I have found the staff really helpful and very friendly. My Son was disappointed when the Vans he wanted were not in stock in his size. The girl that served us straight away said he could order them and they would arrive within 3 working days which they did. I now have a happy teenager, priceless!!!

Wendy Levy 22/07/2014

I don't normally leave reviews however I was really impressed with the staff at the Trafford Centre store. My daughter chose some shoes that were in the sale, they were not in stock so the assistant offered to check stock on line and arranged for someone to bring my daughters size to make sure they fitted. The shoes were then ordered and paid for instore. They were delivered today and my daughter is thrilled with them. It's really refreshing to find staff who offer good customer service so thanks to the staff at the Trafford Centre store.

Lucy 11/06/2013

Really nice staff!

Alastair 25/08/2012

Very polite and attentive service. Will come again

Sophie Jackson 20/08/2012

The store was really busy when I went in but was seen to very quickly and every member of staff I spoke to was really friendly. According to my receipt I think jim was my assistant and shaniss my cashier. Both of these two staff members were chatty and friendly. I felt very relaxed and welcomed by the staff which is such a refreshing change from most other stores. This definitely makes me want to revisit this particular branch knowing I will receive excellent customer service.

Sophie Jackson 20/08/2012

The store was really busy when I went in but was seen to very quickly and every member of staff I spoke to was really friendly. According to my receipt I think jim was my assistant and shaniss my cashier. Both of these two staff members were chatty and friendly. I felt very relaxed and welcomed by the staff which is such a refreshing change from most other stores. This definitely makes me want to revisit this particular branch knowing I will receive excellent customer service.

alex 29/08/2012

these shoes were really good and i would come to your stores again i have made really good use of my purchase when i was at the store the friendlines of the members of the staff was really good.

Alison Reid 10/09/2012

I had to write to congratulate you on your excellent customer services in the Trafford Centre store on Saturday the 8th September 2012. I was having a nightmare, having ordered some TOMS online that didnt fit my daughter and being told different things online re returning them so I decided to order another pair directly online to be delivererd to store. I arrived on Saturday to a very busy shop with an anxious daughter and the shoes to return. I was greeted by a young lady who immediatly put me in touch with a manager who went and retrieved my ordered shoes. When they arrived they were the wrong shoe..:( another assistant then suggested picking a pair in store as we were going on holiday this week and exchanging them. We did all this with no problem however i was dreading explaining this to the person on the till.... this was all done for me with the minimum of fuss and the matter was resolved in minutes. I am only sorry I did not recall names as each member of staff deserve credit. In a day in which customer satisfaction is not expected I was more than pleased with our Schuh experience!! Thank you, Mrs & Miss Reid! x

Kirsty Marsden 27/09/2012

Went to your store in the Trafford centre to buy some iron fist shoes, the staff were really nice! They are quite small fitting so I had to ask for three different pairs lol but they were really friendly and not put out in any way! In other shoe shops I have been staff have been rude! You had plenty in stock in my size too, very refreshing thank you!

kelly knowles 30/09/2012

Never write comments.... but im taken away with the customer service i recieved today in schuh it was amazing, i must have spoke to 3 different team members and everyone of them couldnt do enough for me.... i really just want to say a massive thankyou.... and i look forward to getting my new boots on tuesday!!! keep up the great work xx

stephanie fennell 05/10/2012

quick service, staff helpful

stephanie fennell 05/10/2012

quick service, staff helpful

Susan Horwood 09/10/2012

Excellent service both in store, on line, delivery and tracking. 16 year daughter thrilled with these leather converse... Thank you schuh

Lisa khan 10/10/2012

Amazing, staff were readily available to help, polite and extremely friendly. Both myself and my husband commenyed on.the servoce when we left, I would choose your store over others based on the service and staff. I also thought you had an excellent range of stock, best in a long time, hence why i left with 2 pairs of boots when i went for 1! :)

Jane Rawlinson 20/10/2012

Friendly cheerful helpful polite staff.

PD 20/10/2012

I visited Schuh for the first time today at the Trafford Centre and I would like to say how friendly and helpful your staff were. I was unable to find the size I needed but I was offered the ordering service and your staff couldn't do enought help. I have since ordered on line and arranged for a delivery to my local store. I must admit the loud music was not the best thing to have when you are trying to talk to people but the quality and efficiency of your staff means that I will definitely be back. I am also impressed with your website and check and reserve system-it is incredibly fast. All in all an excellent experience in every way.

Luke 23/10/2012

good friendly service.

Karen 18/10/2012

The service was excellent, Greeted at the door by a happy salesgirl. After discussing what i wanted, she ordered the items and passed me onto a lovely girl called Natalie. Bearing in mind it was my 2 year old daughter who was trying the shoes on, Natalie was so lovely to her and very very patient. After trying on 4 pairs of shoes, we decided on the blue converse. Have to say that the service from start to finish was excellent and I would certainly travel to the Trafford Centre again to buy shoes. Natalie was a star and its shame not all shoe shops have the same service.

Mrs v carter 17/10/2012

visited the store to purchase ugg slippers. would just like to say how pleasant and courties the staff were, from the young lady at the door through to and including the cashier. it certainly encourages one to revisit thank you.

Audury 04/11/2012

I came in on Saturday when the shop was busy this was very subdue especially when I needed advice! I came in to buy some ugg boots, I originally hesistated about buying them due to having a problem with my toes. I have found this was an issue when I previously wanted to buy some. I was served by a young girl who introduced herself as Charlotte Brooks, I tried on the first pair but found them uncomftable therefore she brought me some alternatives that were a size bigger. Her speed of service was very quick and she seemed extremely confident and very chatty! I was really impressed with her service I would just like to say a big thank -you for her help, when I come back in the future I will definitely ask her for help again!

sara duxbury 07/11/2012

Thank you Charlotte for your help & patience whilst i was choosing my Firefly Boots which are extremely comfortable. I will look out for you next time i come into the store.

lizzy wrigley 12/11/2012

hi i bought some shoes in september, but the shoes have started leaking quite a lot in both shoes at the front, so i returned them to your store today. On your till i understand you have a system where if you had the card details from the transaction, you can find the transaction, but this didn't work with my card, i kind of felt a bit gutted about this because, i did buy them from your store and using this card. But i have to say both members of staff i talked to were so lovely, and chatty towards me, and made me feel at ease. so i just would like to say thank you to the staff at the Trafford store.

Caroline Wathen 28/10/2012

I bought two pairs of Converse shoes from Schuh yesterday (Saturday 27 October) and the whole experience was perfect. The shop was busy but nothing was too much for Reiss, the man who served me. He quickly found the 3 pairs of shoes I wanted to try on and was really attentive, efficient and friendly. He explained the returns policy to me and made sure I knew exactly what I needed to before finishing my purchase. I was then served on the till by a girl who I think was Irish (apologies if she was not but it was busy and I’m not the best with accents!). Again, she was friendly and efficient. She asked if the returns policy had been explained to me and if I was happy with everything. All in all, this was a really lovely shopping experience and I will continue to shop at Schuh. Thank you.

Charlotte 10/11/2012

Really great staff who were very friendly, happy and helpful, will definantly tell friends :)

Catherine Turton 17/11/2012

The service I received today from the assistant Lara was excellent, very friendly and helpful. The cashier Tom was outstanding! He made conversation with both myself and my son and it was obvious that he genuinly enjoyed his job and made us feel that we actually mattered. A credit to the store.

tasha brown 11/11/2012

Mrs Sam Rowlinson 26/11/2012

I have never been into a Schuh store before so went to the Trafford Centre as my son wanted a pair of vans. What an experience! Not only was the shop full of wonderful shoes but the staff were absolutely brilliant. I'd been browsing for no longer than a few minutes when a delightful lady asked if she could help. Her name was Charlotte and she couldn't have been more helpful without being pushy. She got our size within minutes and was so attentive and a pleasure. Brought the vans for my son and had a thoroughly delightful experience. I will definitely go there again for any future purchases or browsing. In this day and age politeness seems a distant memory, but your staff were excellent. Well done Schuh!

Holly bailey 29/11/2012

Adele was really helpful and very good with helping me pick my shoes

Susan Kirwan 08/12/2012

Very impressed with the service and helpfulness of the staff in your store.

khristy kelly 23/05/2013

I visited your store in the Trafford Centre to return a pair of sketchers flip flops that had broken after only a few weeks. I had no receipt, no box and no bag but the staff were very helpful. The girl on the till called a manager over straightaway and he patiently listened to what had happened. He then looked to find my purchase on the system as I knew the date and time of it. He found it, replaced my shoes and printed me a fresh receipt. All of this was done quickly and with a smile, despite being very busy in the store at the time. I saw the feedback website on the counter and thought I would give some as I was very happy with the service I received. The managers name was Dean. Thanks and regards Khristy

Barry Smith 25/05/2013

We were served by assistant Lucy (187) who was extremely helpful, she had been tasked with finding the required size in a delivery that had arrived this morning, I only waited a couple of minutes before she brought the requested size. She was friendly and nothing was too much trouble. She then obtained a pair of shoes for my daughter with the same helpful demeanor. She is a complement to your company.

Rebecca Mckenna 03/01/2013

We recently visited the Trafford Centre store on the 29th December to buy some Doc Martens and we were served by 'Katie.' The customer service was excellent, despite the busy post-Christmas rush. She was attentive, friendly and helpful, resulting in us purchasing the doc martens using your free home delivery service. It was because of Katie's excellent customer service that we purchased the shoes from Schuh instead of going to another store where we could have got the shoes on the day. I hope that her hard work will be recognised.

Maureen Turner 08/01/2013

The assistant Chris was absolutely lovely. He was efficient, very cheerful and helpful. We are an older couple and he treated us with consideration and respect. What a refreshing change. Rebecca was equally pleasant. Your shop isn't usually for our age group but it is obviously a very happy place to work. Well done.

Maria, Manchester 11/01/2013

Fabulous service. Every member of staff seemed genuinely happy to be there and were attentive and well informed about the shoes available in store. Many thanks.

Sarah Harris 26/07/2013

Great service! Shoes were not in stock but your sales assistant ordered them for me and they were delivered to my home 2 days later.

Joanne Thomas 01/08/2013

Very friendly welcome. We were greeted pleasantly and with a smile, even though the store was very busy at the time we were in. I was served very quickly both when getting the shoes and paying. The returns policy was clearly explained to me. Both members of staff who dealt with us are a credit to your store!

Maureen Colton 30/07/2013

Returned a pair of Adi Adilette for my son as his wife had bought wrong size. Store didn't have the size required so a pair were delivered to my home next day. Excellent service. Thank you.

Karen Rodaway 04/08/2013

Just a quick email, to say how impressed I was with one of your sale assistants at your store at the Trafford Centre yesterday (03/08/13). The assistant is called Roxy (015) and really went out of her way to assist me. The store was extremely busy and whilst I had been waiting sometime to gain the attention of an assistant, I was spotted by Roxy who asked if she could help me. I asked her for my size and she told me she would check the availability for me. After a short while Roxy returned with the shoe I requested in a size smaller and in a different colour, but in my actual size. She asked me to try them on for size to ascertain if I could buy the size smaller, or if I needed the size I requested, which she would see when the store would be receiving that size next in on a delivery. Whilst trying the shoes on Roxy returned saying that in fact there were 2 pairs on a delivery received that day and would I be prepared to wait a few moments whilst she tried to locate the shoes. After approximately 10 mins, Roxy returned with the required shoes. Although the shoes were only £18 in value, I was so pleased how Roxy went that extra bit further to meet my needs and to finish my last minute holiday buys. I would just like to say, I hope all your staff take the time to meet the needs of your customers, as Roxy did. I often shop in Shuh at Warrington, Manchester and the Trafford Centre, but feel my last experience was one that will definitely make me return yet again to Shuh. I hope Roxy receives her feedback from this email. Yours sincerely K Rodaway.

Joanna Atherton 07/08/2013

It was out first visit to the store with our three children. It was very impressive! They are professional and patient and very efficient. One pair of shoes was not available in store so we ordered them, they arrived the following day, very impressed with the service and will definitely shop in the store again. Our assistant was Harley and she was excellent too!!!! Well done to all the staff at the Trafford Centre

Anna Maria D'Rozario 28/01/2013

Extremely helpful, I bought a pair of iron fist flats in a size 4 from the internet, I tried a different print on in a size 5 in the store which was a better fit, they only had one size 5 left in the print I wanted in the Manchester store. A very kind assistant called Kamall, offered to pick them up for me and bring them to the Trafford Centre, which was very much appreciated. All the staff do seem to be very friendly and helpful at Schuh in the Trafford Centre. Thanks ..

Jean Foster 23/06/2013

This shopping experinece was great. We went in for a pair of CROCS and came out with two. The staff were helpful without being pushy or in your face and we got what we wanted efficently. The staff were friendly y and professionally and we want to go back

Steve 27/06/2013

I visited your Trafford Centre store last night and just wanted to commend the team there for being absolutely fantastic! They were really friendly and helpful and even brought several sizes of the Shoe I wanted to purchase incase the size I requested didn't fit... it didn't but then I didn't have to wait! Genius! Seriously fantastic store team, a real credit to your company!

charlene 29/12/2013

Fantastic sevrvice the store was very busy but the member of staff was very helpful, very pleased customer

heather 01/01/2014

just to let u know, parcel force deliverd the item monday but i didnt know til tues as they didnt bother puttin a card thro my door so i only looked as u had e mailed me

Davina Houston 05/10/2013

Assistant was quick to serve and friendly. Found what I wanted and was dealt with quickly and in a nice manner

james kearns 08/10/2013

Very impressed with the level of service. and the home delivery is second to none

S Scales 18/09/2013

excellent service

judi heath 07/02/2013

good experience, helpful staff to help me select the right footwear for the job

colin mitchell 02/09/2013

Quality of service from staff excellent despite being very busy. Comprehensive range of choices and prices to suit all needs. Spare laces and bag thrown in. Faultless really. .

Michelle 01/09/2013

Usually people only tend to leave feedback when they want to complain, however I would just like to say how genuinely lovely the staff at your Trafford Centre store were today! I took my daughter to get some school shoes and the assistant, Laura (as on the receipt) was really helpful and so friendly. Then we were spoken to our way out by another young girl who had a friendly chat with my 9yr old asking if she was looking forward to going back to school? When we left the store my mother commented on how nice the staff were without being pushy or over the top. I said it definitely warranted an email to you to say that the staff are a credit to the store. Kind regards, Michelle.

victoria harrison 06/09/2013

Hi, i am only 11 years old and using my mums email(she knows).I have purchased 3 pairs of shoes from your Trafford Centre store in the last year.One of your colleagues called Nicole was very helpful and kind in the way she served us and in the way she looked. I have told my mum that i wont by any other out of school shoes from anywhere else than your story at the Trafford Centre because everybody who works there is very kind and helpful. I would also like a Saturday job there when i am older. Regards Victoria Harrison(Vicky).

Louise warhurst 13/08/2013

Faulty item returned to store, store manager provided excellent service and despite not having stock in store to replace item they were ordered and delivered to my home address with extreme efficiency. Excellent service. All staff very friendly.

Harriet 09/08/2013

Thank you to Harriet for being so helpful!

Jen Goodson 13/07/2013

I love love Schuh the staff are amazing so friendly you can really talk to them, nothing is too much trouble, even my husband bought a pair of cushy shoes he doesn't buy a lot of shoes so thank you Schuh for getting him out of the ones he always wears. I have bought four pairs of shoes from u in the last four weeks, and that says it all. Two pairs bought on line and two pairs in store and both have to be congratulated. Long live SCHUH

Louise Marsland 15/07/2013

Fabulous assistance from the young man on the shop floor(I was buying for my teenage son) and lovely service at the till!

Juliet Wallace 19/07/2013

Extremely friendly and efficient staff. Although store was extremely busy, we were attended to quickly and the shoes arrived to try on with a minimum wait. Lucy W who served us was very friendly and bubbly with a nice smile and eye contact.

Elizabeth Horan 20/07/2013

I telephoned the day before to enquire about availability. Annabel on the phone was very friendly and efficient and put the item to one side. I visited the store today and showed my receipt. The assistant got the shoes straight away. The assistant was really fast efficient and friendly. All excellent service. Thank you.

Rebecca smith  29/10/2013

Easy quick queues and happy with the service

Kate McDonald  02/11/2013

Fantastic service, Chelsea great! Would highly recommend shop and service provided! Thank you!

pauline hosker 13/10/2013

very prompt and cheerful service

Rebecca 22/10/2013

Great service & choice.

jodie 22/10/2013

The lady that was helping around the store was very friendly and willing to help despite already clearly having atleast 3 other task she could be doing, i didn't catch her name but she had medium brown hair

Debbie Lomas 03/06/2013

After visiting numerous shops for trainers for my 2 year old boy (and receiving little or no help or choice) i was extremely impressed with the selection on offer plus each member of staff i spoke to. I was greeted, wasn't jumped on when asked for help and then the assistant who served me was amazing (Paige 058)! Not only was she a great ambassidor for the brands she was patient, knowledable and had brought the size up with the pair i'd requested so we didn't have to wait again when i asked to try them (as if she knew!). I work in retail management and know customers are quick to complain but not praise so please let the store know what a great job they are doing and award Paige for her extra efforts! I will definately go to the store first when shopping again.

Charlotte 08/06/2013

After a hard day shopping at the Trafford Centre on Saturday 8 June I was surprised and pleased to find exactly the shoes I was looking for at Schuh. I haven't been in your store in years but you had an excellent range and variety of shoes. I'm not often moved to leave positive (or negative) feedback but I was inspired not only by finding the shoes I wanted but by your excellent customer service. Your staff were friendly, helpful and attentive (unlike the staff in almost every other store I went into today). Keep up the good work. Charlotte, Manchester.

Betsy Seed 03/04/2013

Great service! My size shoe wasn't in stock but the assistant offered to try another size, and a bigger size to ensure I liked the shoe, and then helped me to order the shoe online. The option to have delivered to home or store was good - told maximum of three days to arrive. Opted for home delivery and they arrived the next day. The sales assistant at the till were extremely helpful too! Extremely happy with the service and will return to the store again, and use this service again!

joanne 04/04/2013

A polite young lady called Nichole looked after me, she seemed very happy to serve me and seemed bright and cheery in her role. The young gentleman at the till was warm and friendly too, very refreshing to be served by 2 polite, friendly people, his name was James, thank u for a brief yet enjoyable purchase. Joanne Streets

Catherine Handley 02/04/2013

My Rocket Dog boots, bought less than three months ago, had become really uncomfortable to wear as the heels were becoming increasingly 'springy'. The final straw was when I saw that both heels had split vertically, rendering them unwearable. I was a bit concerned that I would be told that as I had worn them nothing could be done, but the staff at Schuh were lovely - really understanding and immediately offered me a refund or exchange. I have always had fantastic service from every branch of Schuh, and was delighted that today was no exception. Thank you!

Carol Snowden 08/04/2013

Excellent service. Polite and friendly staff made every effort to get me the shoes I wanted for my Son. Shoes weren't in stock so staff arranged for delivery to my house. Delivery was VERY quick. Will definately be shopping at Schuh again very soon. Very pleased overall. Thank you to fabulous staff at Trafford Centre.

Amy 09/04/2013

Excellent service! Attentive and helpful staff with very good manners and friendly approach. Shop was very busy, but there were enough staff to offer help and even when my shoes did take a little while to arrive on the shop floor, they apologised and explained the delay. Great shopping experience! Thank you

Ruth  08/04/2013

Excellent service very friendly staff

Emma 22/08/2013

very helpful staff, can't do enough for you without being annoying. great

Rachel Jackson 27/04/2013

Excellent customer service - thank you.

michaela johnson 03/05/2013

in trafford centre store friday 3rd may what a great store all members of staff were very attentive there was a feeling of people enjoying what they were doing

Heidi Turner 27/08/2013

From walking in the store, which was busy, I found your staff to be very helpful. I placed my order and was served very quickly. Pleasant and helpful staff. Thanks

Lucy Yeomans 30/08/2013

Served by Harriet. Extremely friendly and helpful, quick and efficient, as always. Am always impressed by the organisation of the stores, even though they are busy and noisy - I am always well looked after. Today was no exception.

Gillian Etches 29/08/2013

We visited your store specifically for Timberland boots for school. The assistant, Sally, was extremely helpful. She measured my sons feet and explained the sizing to ensure we got our moneys worth and my son got growth room. I was particularly impressed with computer system, no assistants disappearing in the back to see what sizes they had. Sally was brilliant, very professional and chatty and helpful. The store was extremely busy too, but nothing was too much trouble, we weren't rushed or hurried along. Well done

Sarah Lees 03/12/2012

The staff at Schuh were extremely helpful and went out of their way to help us with our purchase but were not pushy either. Fantastic service, lovely staff and overall a good experience. Well done

Sean 06/12/2012

Friendly, quick to help. Thanks

dave sweetmore 12/12/2012

i visited your trafford store centre on tues 11th dec. the help and assistance i got was what made me fill this feedback form in. a shop assistant called sam helped me in finding the right footwear i was after for my giorlfriends xmas present, and was very very helpful. the cashier was called ellen, and was amazing! she really helped and assisted me well, was extremley friendly and a real credit to your company. service like what i received off ellen will make me visit your store again without doubt. thank you, and thanks to ellen and sam.

Steve 14/12/2012

I would just like to congratulate Charlotte for assisting me with my dilemma firstly which type of Converse to buy, secondly which style and thirdly which size. Charlotte spent dedicated time with my in my decisions and was very patient while i was indecisive. Charlotte gave me excellent advise and convinced me on dark blue hi-tops, size 9. These are now my most worn shoes! Therefore I thankyou Charlotte for your expertise and look forward to being assisted by you again. Steve

Catherine Berry 06/12/2012

Lovely store & friendly staff who are more than happy to help. Quick service too.

nadine schofield 18/12/2012

Went to Schuh at Trafford Centre on Monday 18th December to look at shoes (irregular choice) and trainers (nike). We were served by Emily straightaway who was extremely helpful and went out of her way to help and advise us and gave us the benefit of her experience which was appreciated, she even went to check the delivery to see if the size of trainers we required were on the delivery, which they were. Ryan on the till was very polite and chatty. Extremely good service and fantastic footwear especially Irregular Choice. Will definitely come back again. Matthew and his Mum

Helen 13/12/2012

I was served by Megan in the The Trafford Centre store earlier this evening, she was very polite and extremely helpful and friendly, she seemed very happy to help, getting me different shoes and recommending ones that were similar to the ones i was trying, she explained the ordering service when the shoe i wanted wasn't in stock, it was a pleasure being served by her. Both me and my grandma were very please with the service we received from Megan and will be visiting the store again.

Jane Cliff 17/12/2012

Although the store was extremely busy I was seen immediately, the staff were very help and lovely and pleasant, it really put me in the Christmas spirit.

Heather huntley 15/12/2012

I just want to say thank you for the service i received in your trafford centre store on friday evening lastnight. I went in looking for a pair of specific converse for my granddaughter's christmas present.I was met by a lovely girl called Nicole who then passed me on to a lovely gentleman who i didn't quite catch his name but I noticed he was very well dressed in a suit and tie. I can only assume he was the store manager by the way he was dressed and looked after me. The shop was very busy, and i would have expected him not to pay little attention to me since he told me you didnt stock the item i was looking for straight away. I was impressed by how he took his time with me on your wall till and showed me your other converse products which were not in stock but available for home delivery. unfortunately they were not what I was looking for. but i just wanted to thank him for being such a lovely gentleman and going out of his way to show me your shoes. Everytime I have been in this store his staff are always very helpful and friendly, credit to him. Thank you. Ps. Im sorry i did not get his name.

joanne jackson 20/12/2012

I would just like to let you know how helpful and friendly Ryan (050)was The store was really busy but he introduced himself and helped us but wasn't too pushy and didn't rush us He came over as really nice guy Thanks

Heather Shepherd 23/09/2013

The young lady who served us was just lovely and a credit to you as a company.

rebecca waring 23/09/2013

I just wanted to say what a great experience I had in the store. I am a manager in retail and it is a breath of fresh air to go into a store where staff go above and beyond for you and thats how I felt when I purchased at the trafford centre. A young man helped me who couldn't do enough for me. He had a brilliant attitude to his job. He explained the order service too which I then used as the size I wanted wasn't available and within 2days I had received my new shoes. I was also kept upto date with emails too which was brilliant. Couldn't fault anything.

Nuno Vaz 07/07/2013

Lucy (125) was a very helpful enthusiastic team member, great service, greatly received, only wished to purchase 1 pair of trainers and eneded up with 3. Thank you.

Nathyn mulhern 15/03/2013

Welcomed into store by a friendly smiling man Chatted about stuff with him Quickly got shoes Chatted to till lady Thanked me for my custom

Nova Barker 14/03/2013

Dear Sir / Madam It is a pleasure to write this email... On the 03rd February whilst in your store at the Trafford Centre I was greeted by a lovely young man with a really big smile. I was asked if I needed any help and when I advised I was just looking he said, no problem, I will be here if you need me. This in itself was very pleasant but as I continued to browse round your store my little girl of only 3 was giggling and chatting away to the same young man who had greeted me. She had really took a shine to him and to be honest I was not surprised. I picked up a pair of Vans and he started to have a laugh and joke with me as my daughter was wearing a pair of Vans also which again was really nice that he noticed. I ended up purchasing the Vans which was not my initial intention but how could I resist. On paying for my purchase I asked for the name of the young gentleman and was advised he was called Emkay When I was leaving the store he waved my daughter goodbye and said it was nice to meet us both and he hoped to see us again. All in all my experience in your store was one that was very memorable. It is extremely rare that you are greeted and looked after in such a manner and the fact that it came so naturally to your member of staff was a pure joy. I cannot speak highly enough of the way not only myself but my daughter were looked after. I can assure you that Schuh will always now be my first port of call when I am purchasing shoes for myself and my family. Receipt No. 024022113885 Yours Sincerely Nova Barker

Alex 13/03/2013

Brilliant service very nice and helpful staff

Laura Elison 26/04/2013

Your staff were all fantastic! I was buying for my 22 month old little girl, I had just previously been into office but felt like I was ignored by the staff because my daughter was being a typical toddler. I'm so glad I didn't buy from there because the schuh staff were so helpful and relaxed. I will be returning to the store in the future and recommending it to everyone. It was nice to see the staff conversing with her and we both left extremely happy, I had the shoes I was after and she was given a sticker and ballon after her fitting. A very happy customer :)

Carl from Schuh Hanley 20/12/2012

Just been Christmas shopping with my gf went in to the Trafford store and I was served by Rob, he was really polite and helpful, he was serving a few customers at the time, but was still really quick and gave a 101% service. Also the two managers were helpful and welcoming

David Taylor 22/12/2012

I was served promptly and professionally by two of your members of staff. Couldn't ask for better service. Both people are a credit to your company.

Lou 18/12/2012

Fabulous customer service. The store was extremely busy being so close to Christmas but we were served almost immediately by a lovely member of staff who couldn't have been more helpful - Sasha was her name. Very impressed with this store and will definitely return in the future!

mark barrow 27/12/2012

exceptional service whilst extremely busy. friendly staff, very attentive made me and ny wife feel extremely valued as a customer even tho we were not spending a fortune. candice was the original assistant who served us could not fault her whole service, the only niggle if any was the music around the till area was a little loud which over powered me when giving my details, after payment my wife spoke to sabrina, who again gave exceptional service, asked my wife about her day and how much shoppping she had left to do, im am not usually a fan of schuh as it seems to be swamped with kids who do not care about the customer, but wow these guys changed my whole view on the company. many thanks made my shopping day.

jane splaine 28/12/2012

I would like to congratulate vikki on her positive helpful attentive attitude she is a credit to your store on a busy stressful day.

Lauren 29/12/2012

Great staff. Friendly and helpful as always! They explain the refunds policy full everytime etc.

Wendy Aldred 14/05/2013

I couldnt buy the shoes at the store they didnt have my size, but the staff were very helpful and took an order which arrived in 2 working days. Very pleased.

mary waite 15/05/2013

Excellent service, knowledgeable staff, fair price.

Zoe 19/05/2013

I thought the in-store service was fantastic from both Jen and Sam. Despite the issues with the giftcards I was trying to use, they were both extremely helpful and professional, and they dealt with the problem really well. The whole team gave the place a very welcoming atmosphere, and they did a great job!

Zoe 19/05/2013

I thought the in-store service was fantastic from both Jen and Sam. Despite the issues with the giftcards I was trying to use, they were both extremely helpful and professional, and they dealt with the problem really well. The whole team gave the place a very welcoming atmosphere, and they did a great job!

jill moorhouse 19/11/2013

Very helpful and very quick service

Caroline Jones 31/01/2014

I bought some boots back in September and a large the sole of the left boot started coming away. I took them back to Trafford Centre store where I also bought them and they immediately offered me a new pair or different pair. I had looked online and seen some timberlands in the sale and thought they would be more hard wearing, as they didn't have them in store they order them to be sent to my work and refunded the difference. I was very impressed with the service and couldn't have wish for better. The replacement boots turned up today (the very next day) which I also expected to take longer. The staff were great and the whole situation was dealt with fantastically. The receipt say I was served by Catherine and assistant was Sarah. I would defiantly buy more shoes from schuh after this fab service.

James Corlett 07/02/2014

I have visited the Trafford Centre store today and just wanted to compliment the fantastic service. I don't usually leave feedback but I thought I should as I was impressed today. I have worked in retail for a few years and know how frustrating it sometimes can be when you have an awkward customer like i was today. I was unsure which trainers to get as I will be moving abroad soon and will not be able to return trainers if i change my mind. I ended up purchasing a pair of converse then changing my mind for another pair of trainers which i shown my friend and noticed the stitching was faulty. I was approached by friendly staff straight away and they kept calm and polite when i was being a nusence. (I was even annoying myself!) Anyway thanks to everyone at Trafford for helping me! James

julia cook 08/02/2014

The assistant the served us was very helpful, and we told her how grateful we were. We only came in to exchange some boots and ended up buying 4 pairs of shoes!!!!!! Excellent sales and customer service :-)

Rob 10/02/2014

Great friendly service, even though the store was jam packed!

Kathryn Morgan 22/11/2013

Very friendly and helpful staff who had kept a bag that I had left behind safe behind the till, which I collected with much relief. Thank you soo much!

Laura Dobson 04/04/2014

I visited the store with my 4 year old son Finlay, to exchange some 'toms' he had been bought for his birthday. We were assisted by a lovely man named Joseph. It turned out the style of shoe was the problem and due to my sons narrow feet we needed something with a lace up. Joseph was wonderful with my son, he measured his feet (we've never been offered this in your stores before, we always have to visit clarks first just to be measured) He was patiant, and funny. I've never experienced such personal /great service in any of your stores especially for childrens footware staff normally appear rude and unhelpful and always looking for the next sell. Joseph is a great asset and has restored my faith in returning to Schuh in future. My only gripe was there was a lack of stock/choice in childrens footware which caused a grumpy 4 year old! (Your sales assistant really did work brilliantly)

Jane Elsey 06/04/2014

Efficient and excellent service very helpful staff .

Sarah Ward 13/04/2014

Excellent customer service, helpful, quick, and smiley :-) would definitely return to the store.

jennifer scarisbrick 20/04/2014

good service sandals just what I wanted

Pat owen 17/06/2014

Good service from charming and helpful young man Reiss!

Sue Maitland 19/06/2014

Excellent customer service from the initial approach when first entering the store right through to paying for my goods. As I left the store I was so impressed I sought the manager to express my delight and how impressed I was regarding his staff team and their approach to customer service. Well done Schuh. I will definitely be returning to your store at the Trafford Centre. ??

Conner 24/06/2014

Professional and friendly staff. Very quick service from reciving my shoe from the back area and paying for the them. I also like the sale of the bags for charity. Well done and thankyou. Cashier was Joey and Asistant Danielle. Overall 5 star and excellent service.

Mary 22/06/2014

Always very helpful and polite staff nothing too much trouble for them that's why we always go back.

Julie Andrews 22/06/2014

Very efficient and helpful service from the most pleasant staff I have come across for a very long time.

Danielle Tang 25/06/2014

We were really pleased with the excellent serviced we received today in your Trafford Centre store by Lucy.....lovely person who couldn't do enough for us! She was more than helpful, going back and forward to the storeroom for us, chatting to both of us and our 2 very bored children! The service she gave us was outstanding and she should be recognised for this. Thanks again Lucy!!

ian 27/02/2014

great shoes, great service would shop again.

Louise kendall  04/08/2014

Excellent assistance in shop and very fast delivery with regular updates very impressed!!!!

carly 04/08/2014

Always brilliant customer service in this store! Friendly and helpful!

Maxine Smeeton 06/08/2014

Had fantastic customer service, with all members of staff I spoke to - well done! It is really refreshing to be dealt with in a friendly , professional manner, with the outcome resolved. I had purchased 3x pairs of "toms", one of which( my sons) we found to have stitching coming away, after he returned from holiday. I could not find the receipt, and had thrown the box away, and also paid cash, which made it difficult to find the transaction. However, I managed to narrow down when the purchase was made, Spoke to 2x ladies at customer service, who were both very helpful and patient.They managed to identify my receipt no, to enable me to go to store and exchange. on going to the trafford centre store, once again, the assistant was very efficient and friendly. The shoe wasnt in stock, but she ordered to send direct to home - again brilliant service. I do shop at schuh, but this has experience has just confirmed that when shoe shopping , will always be my first port of call. keep up the excellent service you have created ! regards maxine

stephen purcell 07/08/2014

The girl that served me was really helpful.

Pam Mullens 12/08/2014

Excellent service! Bought a pair of Birkenstocks which I had been unable to find elsewhere. Given help with sizing which was very useful and payment was so quick with online receipt.

Ana lucinda correia 10/07/2014

Shola was really helpful

kelly mclaughlin 13/07/2014

This shop is the best shop I have ever been in, the service from the welcome at the door to paying for your shoes is excellent, the staff are so helpful, genuine and very friendly. I often shop here and today I thought I need to send some feedback, me and my eldest son came today called in and saw the shoes that he wanted we were served by joseph who was very friendly, very helpful and gave us wonderful service. All the staff at this shop look like they enjoy being here.

graeme 13/07/2014

Gina in the Trafford Centre store was soooo friendly and helpful. She didn't stop smiling. Excellent.

Gary Fieldhouse 12/07/2014

My first time in here. Blown away with the service of the staff. Big shout to Lucy - engaged with the three of us really well and was so helpful. Thanks! See you again :-)

Sam 17/07/2014

Excellent service from two ladies ( one stood near the door greeting , then another lady that got the converse shoes for my daughter ) . Helpful and nothing's was too much trouble . Thankyou

lindsay plant 10/06/2014

I was shopping for my wedding shoes which i found in your trafford centre branch and was helped by a lovely gentleman who went out of his way to make sure i was happy with what i had picked.

Mandy 10/06/2014

Excellent customer service, very promt and extremely polite, Was a pleasure to shop instore. I have been numerous times to this store and always satisfied with the service. ????

Hannah 11/06/2014

Danielle was lovely and friendly, excellent service!

James Lythgoe 11/06/2014

I went shopping last night and spent far too much on things for myself, which was refreshing! I'm a UK11 and for some reason was having difficulty with the styles I liked until I came into your Trafford centre store. It's amazing how unhelpful some of your competitors are, I asked one girl in another shop what style a Nike trainer was and she was almost reluctant to help me? I went into Schuh and the girl was really a great help and friendly which always helps, and although you didn't have the shoe I ordered in stock she explained that you offer a delivery service. Left me feeling very impressed!

Scof 14/06/2014

Chris Story 15/06/2014

Great service without being pushy ... Offered good advice ... Clever payment system speeds everything up too.

Mandy Duncan 14/06/2014

Fantastic service off Sam and Shola, very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.

Rachel 17/06/2014

I walked into the store on Tuesday 17 June after I was given appauling service over at the sketchers store and was immediately given a warm and welcoming greeting, I asked for a sketcher shoe to try on and within a minute or 2 a wonderful friendly lady Katy was there. She was attentive and very customer focused an asset to the company indeed, and a pleasure to deal with, my new shoes are fab thank you.

Jack Steer 17/06/2014

Amazing! Reiss provided such a Helpful, Friendly service and would go to him again.

Olivia McAninly 17/06/2014

Really helpful staff much appreciated.

kenny ingham 01/05/2014

Gemma was excellent at attending to my daughters needs. Was shocked when we found out it was her 1st day. Would recommend your store to everyone. Chelsea on the till was also very helpful and friendly. Thank you for making shopping a pleasure.

Rose McGarty 02/05/2014

To whom it may concern... I had a really positive experience at your Trafford centre store today. We were served by Joey he was very helpful and patient with my Mum and I while choosing and trying shoes. It is so important to provide good customer service these days and to take time with your loyal customers so they return! Which we will, I'm sure of that. Regards Rose McGarty

nikolai 01/05/2014

I reserved two pairs of trainers over the phone, I then went to collect them 20 minutes later and they were already there. The girl who served (Shelby according to the receipt) was extremely helpful, she got both pairs out for me and allowed me to try them. Shelby pointed out that the pair I decided to purchase had a slight mark on the side, she checked to see if there was another pair in stock but there wasn't so I was happy to take this pair. At the till she gave a discount because of the mark which was appreciated, the honesty portrayed by her goes a very far way, if only there more people like her! Great service and extremely happy with my purchase. PS. She was beautiful...

Krystina  05/05/2014

Got just what I was looking for. Really quick and polite/helpful service despite it being very busy

maria  04/05/2014

Great service instore today. Lady who served me couldn't have been more helpful, friendly and professional. Love how we no longer have to queue when paying by card. The shop was very busy so I'm sure I would have been queueing a while, stress free experience. Thankyou

d ballam 30/04/2014

The store did not have the shoe I wanted in brown, only black. I tried the black for size, and, being satisfied the assistant told me that he could order the shoes in brown for next day home delivery. This was done for no charge.True to their word they were delivered 24 hrs later. What fantastic service-well done!!

sally 30/01/2014

I went to the Trafford centre last night to buy a pair of converse trainers for my daughters birthday but sadly did not have her size :( but in a flash to girl serving us suggested they could order them straight away with free delivery fantastic that was 29/01/14 just come home 30/01/14 and delivered what a service thank you !! :) :)

Bridget Fowler 30/06/2014

I was purchasing a pair of Vans today and I wasn't too sure of the look on me. A lovely assistant Reiss ask if he could help and after talking with me he changed the colour of the laces in the shoes which made them perfect for me. He did not rush me and took the time to listen to my likes and dislikes. A very enjoyable shopping experience.

Jo 01/07/2014

I phoned the Trafford centre store as you didn't have my size in the trainers I was after online, I spoke to a very happy young girl Morgan, they didn't have in store she asked if I was able to get to any other stores and she would check stock there, she then went in to inform me there was only 2 pairs left in the company and took my name and number she was going to track a pair down for me, check they were in immaculate condition and she would call me back, which she did! She had got a pair for me, Morgan went above and beyond well done Morgan! I have worked in retail myself and understand the demands of the shop floor and when a call comes in it's only to easy to say we haven't got sorry, but she went out of her way to help without being asked, great customer service thank you

Katie 03/07/2014

2/7/2014. The staff were extremely helpful and friendly. Two female members of staff - excellent customer service!

Nick Wealleans 03/07/2014

The store was busy but a gentleman served me almost immediately. I knew the shoe and size I wanted so he asked me to take a seat, brought the shoes to me and took the card payment all within a few moments. I am very happy with the service and will continue to shop with Schuh. Many thanks,

Julie Warnock 06/07/2014

Quick and efficient however would have appreciated being told that there was a10% discount for students

Graham  04/07/2014

Good service,staff had a impresive knowledge of the products,a high end store made for a pleasureable shopping experience. Also nice to see you are using parcel force /Royal Mail ,not one of the horrible cheap tacky couriers who have left things in the rain on my drive.to summarise i think you have struck a nice balance to give the shopper an outstanding service.keep up the good work.

Claire Daniels 19/04/2014

Excellent service, someone was there to help . chatty and nice assistant! Great service thanks

Katy Hallam  23/04/2014

Fantastic shoes very pleased and staff were very helpful and pleasant, will definitely purchase from again, shoes arrived much earlier than expected so very pleased :)

Bernadette Mckelvey 23/04/2014

I was served by Kris today, 23rd April, and was extremely impressed by his level of customer service. I feel that the staff a schuh are generally helpful, but Kris was very helpful, and pleasant. A lovely young man, who has a great personality and is a credit to Schuh, and of course his parents. When a customer receives poor customer service, it does put people off returning to that store, but Kris is an example of how to treat customers.

james allen 25/04/2014

ordered @ 14.36 on Thursday and delivered befor 10.00 on Friday morning.i would say fantastic service.

Kerry masterman 14/07/2014

I was served by jack at your Trafford centre store, who is a credit to your company. Not only was he polite and helpful, he was able to converse with myself and my 8 year old son on different levels.i hope to are able to pass on my comments to jack for his helpfulness and his ability to adapt to his customers. I would definitely shop again at Schuh due to the service I received.

Mrs whitehead 18/07/2014

The staff in the Trafford centre store are always helpful and polite, nothing is too much trouble even when they are extremely busy. My recent visit, Wednesday, I was helped my a young man called jack, he was very helpful, delivered excellent customer service and is a real credit to the company. I would appreciate my comments to be passed on to the store manager. Thanks Mrs whitehead

Jenny 17/07/2014

My husband and I were very impressed with the service we received today in-store. The staff couldn't have been more helpful when assisting us with choosing/fitting converse for our 1 year old son and also showing me the range of crocs sandals available. Schuh is definitely the first place I will be heading when making future footwear purchases for our family!!

Monique hogan 23/07/2014

I was shopping for some Havaianas and a young girl called Danielle served me, I was really impressed with her customer service as she was really friendly, she got what I wanted very fast and served me on the shop floor which meant I didn't have to wait in the line to pay. Excellent customer service.

anne-marie whiteside 30/07/2014

The staff as usual were friendly and helpful. The young lady who help us was very patient with both my disabled sons and spoke to them with confidence Thank you

Jacquie Hargrave  29/07/2014

The shoes I wanted were out of stock, it was suggested that I try a pair on in my size but a different colour good suggestion, I took the ones suggested. Staff helpful and cheerful even at 20:30.

Jenny Johnson 30/07/2014

My favourite shoe shop, it's always extremely busy, but staff are always really friendly, helpful and efficient.

Janet Prescott 31/07/2014

absolutely excellent service as ever. cannot fault the staff who are always friendly and very helpful especially persuading you to have shoes when you already have enough! The actual shoes have caused a riot with everyone I know and you will probably get more sales as result

Joanne Grundy  04/08/2014

Great friendly girl serving me. Will return to this store again!

Donna Sharples 05/08/2014

Found staff we dealt with most helpful and efficient (Trafford Centre store). I would definately go back to shop there again.

Tricia broadley 13/08/2014

Excellent service from Abby and all staff friendly and approachable. Wide choice of shoes, all shapes,colours and sizes

John Mason 12/08/2014

I would just like to say thanks to the staff at the Trafford Centre store today (which being a scouser is not easy to praise anything Mancunian) The staff were very pleasant, engaging and humerous from the minute I walked into the store - I would particularly like to mention Nichole who assisted with ordering me a pair of shoes that were not in stock and especially the lovely Megan (and her size 2/3 feet) who completed the sales at the till. Both are a credit to your organisation and I will gladly visit this store again for future purchases. Excellent service. Thank you

Pamela Martin 14/08/2014

Very helpful and friendly girl assistant ( Sophie?)

Jill Sawyer 17/08/2014

Abby served us and was most helpful finding a pair of shoes that were not marked (v soft leather). third visit to this store in last 12 months & am impressed with the service each time I visit.

Jen 18/08/2014

Great service, all staff happy to help! Very impressed with the refund/exchange limit at 365 days !

Ann Marie Hendry 30/05/2014

Staff were friendly, good advice & quick to get shoes. I particularly like the mobile /hand held card payment machine as I did not need to queue at the till.

Helen Hawxwell 31/05/2014

Fabulous, friendly service. Thank you!

Wendy Chandler 27/11/2013

Hi I would like to compliment your staff on the service that I have received from them this afternoon . Every one I spoke to was more than helpful and the service was impeccable . Both myself and my husband commented on this and we would definitely recommend and use your store again . Thank you again and hopefully my comments will be passed on :) Merry Xmas

nicola roberts 26/11/2013

Twice recently received excellent service. Staff on the shop floor very polite,helpful and eager to please. Both occasions had to place an order . Very good service with free delivery. Very impressed.

Paul Holly 12/12/2013

Great visit to your Trafford store - good service and great products Thanks Paul

Gemma  20/07/2014

Exceptional customer service, the staff couldn't do enough, I didn't even have to queue at the till to pay. Thankyou :)

Nicole 05/06/2014

Great service, polite, friendly and very helpful young lady she made our service pleasant and warming. Great attitude to her job and did everything she could to help. Served by a young girl maybe in early 20's mousy brown/blonde hair she served us with a pair of size 11 white children's high tops for my nephew on the 5th June roughly 2pm. Thankyou :)

Becca Henshaw  07/06/2014

Spoke with very friendly sales assistant regarding hunter wellies, they weren't in stock so she offered to have them delivered to my house on next day delivery. Very impressed. The cashier was extremely personable and as I explained that they were a gift for my brother, she told me about the exchange and refund policies in great detail. Very informative and helpful. Overall, excellent customer service and would definitely shop in Schuh, Trafford centre again. Thank you.

mr cruces 09/06/2014

excellent service from young abby at what was one of the busiest times near the end of the day (16.45) at the Trafford Centre. she took time to answer my questions, explain the materials used, the best aftercare and the guarantee with all shoes. She was friendly, efficient and ready with advice. It makes a change to praise complimentary service rather than complain. This is my first Schuh experience, it wont be my last. Please pass my praise onto her.

Alex Long 09/06/2014

Georgina was very helpful and friendly I was very impressed with her.

Mildred Cooper 17/05/2014

Dear Sir, I visited your Trafford Centre store today, 17/05/2014 and I was served by Matt Nyan ( could be Ryan I am not sure). I was so impressed by this young boy,he was so helpful and really went out of his way to help me. I have a lot of problems with my feet due to a nerve in my back and it is very hard to find shoes that are comfortable. I just thought that I should bring this to your attention, how good he was. Kindest regards, Mildred Cooper.

Chris Daniel 17/05/2014

Best service I have experienced for a very long time and I love the shoes.

melissa ball 16/05/2014

went to the store in the trafford centre on tueaday afternoon with my 4 year old niece so she could choose some new shoes (she wanted to b all grown up and choose her own shoes and do some girly shopping with her auntie) the girls and guys in this store could not have been more helpful, helped her try on different shoes in different colours and sizes to help her find some that were comfortable a god fit and that she loved, staff really engaged with her n gave her the full customer experience wich made her day the staff in this store are a credit to schuh as a company! GREAT JOB WELL DONE!!

Joshua skuse 24/05/2014

Great service

Dawn Hosking 26/05/2014

Bought shoes from Trafford Centre store yesterday (25/5/2014) The store was very busy but I was served efficiently and with a friendly smile by the young man. An assistant called Sammy brought the shoes and was extremely helpful, the shoes were for my husband who needed some extra prompting and style advice, Sammy was enthusiastic and asserted that the Vans Era 59 would match with Chino shorts better than the trainer style that my husband was liking. I was really appreciative of her assistance, it made the shopping experience enjoyable. Could you pass on our thanks to Sammy and alert the store manager to her wonderful customer service. Kind regards, Dawn Hosking

Claire Henderson 26/05/2014

Very helpful service

Paula Vanderpeer  20/08/2014

Good, efficient, polite & friendly staff

Jen 18/08/2014

Great service, all staff happy to help! Very impressed with the refund/exchange limit at 365 days !

caroline franks 19/08/2014

Very helpful friendly staff, I was most impressed. Well done

Diane Smith 25/08/2014

I went to your Trafford Centre store earlier today looking for a very specific pair of trainers for my daughter who starts secondary school next week. The service I received was fantastic from both Francesca who fitted the trainers and Leah who placed the order for me (we had to order them as the ones in store were slightly soiled. I was offered discount on those though but declined ) . Both girls really personalised their service and are both a credit to your company. I work in the service industry and feel its really important to comment when a job is done well. I hope Schuh rewards and recognises success as both girls are deserving of it. I also really appreciate the free next day delivery service so thank you for that also

Alan Wild 27/08/2014

Attentive staff, young man, Jack, served us. Very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. A credit to your business.

rebecca hughes 27/06/2014

Cashier:194:shola very helpful,friendly,polite girl absolute credit to your store and also the rest of the floor staff who worked on the 27-06-14 around 4pm were very welcoming and polite I felt very comfortable in your trafford store and lefted satisfied and happy with the service :)

Claire Grice 28/06/2014

Three colleagues assisted me and Sam, who got my shoes to try on was friendly and helpful - much appreciated at the end of a long shopping trip :D

Cath price  28/06/2014

Megan was fantastic ... I was buying shoes for my 5 yr old, she measured her feet & was brilliant with her ... Fab customer service

Zelda calland 29/06/2014

Me and my daughter were served by a young gentleman called Joe. Fabulous customer service made conversation with my 9 year old daughter as well as myself and we all know how difficult a 9 year old can be to talk to !!! Measured her feet and was patient with her when she was undecided on which shoes to purchase as children are. Absolutely superb 5 star service x

jade pinkerton 18/02/2014

I have never felt so pleased with the quality of service I received in a shop before. Every single member of staff went far beyond what I would hope for in a shop assistant and was incredibly friendly and willing to help. I have since returned, several times, to this shop and experienced the same level of incredible customer service - regardless of who is serving me. Thanks so much, it is greatly appreciated and makes shopping even more pleasurable :)

Philip Jackson 26/02/2014

Excellent customer service , a pleasure to shop at schuh.

Gill Howard 02/03/2014

Although we went in the shop on a very busy Saturday afternoon, we were met straightaway and looked after really well by the assistant Georgina. I had previously walked out of Office because none of the staff were interested in serving so it was great to have such excellent, friendly service at Schuh.

Stephen Noble 01/04/2014

Great efficient service from Chelsea and her colleague.

Stephen Noble 01/04/2014

Great efficient service from Chelsea and her colleague.

alex 02/04/2014

Thank you Shelby for great and attentive service

Laura Dobson 04/04/2014

I visited the store with my 4 year old son Finlay, to exchange some 'toms' he had been bought for his birthday. We were assisted by a lovely man named Joseph. It turned out the style of shoe was the problem and due to my sons narrow feet we needed something with a lace up. Joseph was wonderful with my son, he measured his feet (we've never been offered this in your stores before, we always have to visit clarks first just to be measured) He was patiant, and funny. I've never experienced such personal /great service in any of your stores especially for childrens footware staff normally appear rude and unhelpful and always looking for the next sell. Joseph is a great asset and has restored my faith in returning to Schuh in future. My only gripe was there was a lack of stock/choice in childrens footware which caused a grumpy 4 year old! (Your sales assistant really did work brilliantly) Kind regards Laura and Finlay Dobson

Matthew Lang 14/05/2014

Fantastic service in store, staff were welcoming, knowledgable, and enthusiastic. As a retail manager myself I would hope my own store comes across in the same way as yours

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