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  • Store Manager

    They say you’re only as good as your team, and we truly believe that the role of a Store Manager is where it all begins. If you can build a team of like-minded individuals and deliver what’s ultimately the most exceptional shopping experience on the high street, all while putting your business knowledge to the test, then this position is for you. As a Store Manager you’ll coach, drive and develop your team to exceed every expectation. It’s important you are extremely enthusiastic, incredibly ambitious and ready for anything. So we need someone who is proud, passionate and overall committed to displaying confident leadership. After all, you’re one of the important driving forces of the business and you need to be inspiring, so your team will really look up to you.

  • Sales Advisor

    The customers’ journey needs to be flawless, from the minute they step through the door to the moment they leave. Their experience is at the heart of everything we do and this comes down to one simple thing. You! Do you reckon you know the shoe dictionary inside out? Can you distinguish between what's hot and what's not? Do you have the natural ability to engage with customers? Then you are in the right place. We love people who strive to be the best, thriving in a passionate, fast-pace and busy environment. You'll be the voice of our brand, delivering a unique shopping experience for each and every one of our fabulous customers.

  • Kids Store Manager

    So you know a thing or two about retail? Excellent! But do you know your superheroes from your action-men? Ok, so it might not be a major part of the job, but it is worth researching, as being a Kids Store Manager is as much to do with the newest generation as it is with their parents. Shopping with kids can be challenging but with your exceptional skills at developing and motivating a knowledgeable and passionate team, you make the impossible possible. When you’re not fitting kids’ shoes, you’re passing your skills onto your team, for them to deliver the best practice for little growing feet. Finally, it's important that you're sales driven, engaging with every opportunity to achieve your store goals, whilst filling the store with happiness, and that’s not just with the team. A smiley happy environment will equal a happy child which in return equals a happy parent.

  • Stockroom Assistant

    If you enjoy the challenge of fitting a square peg in a round hole, then we have the job for you. You’ll need to be a quick thinker; making strong decisions on a day to day basis. The stockroom is where the magic happens and as a Stockroom Assistant, you’re an integral part of the team, allowing the sales assistants to deliver a flawless customer experience. It’s your job to deal with all things stock related. So being a problem-solver and a self-motivator is strictly on the agenda. To ensure a smooth running stockroom, organisational skills are a trait worth having, whilst being able to complete any given task and work to time pressure deadlines. As for the times when the store is busy, you may need to offer your skills to the shop floor, so a little customer service experience will come in handy, but don’t worry if you don’t have any. We’re pro’s in that department and we can show you how. All you need is a willing attitude and a smile on your face.

  • Warehouse Operative

    Our warehouse is big, like really big and it’s full of thousands of boxes but that doesn’t mean that it’s not well organised. As a Warehouse Operative, you’re a key member of the team who ensures the business runs efficiently when it comes to all things stock related. You need to be a smart-thinking, focused individual who has a keen eye for detail and exceptional time keeping abilities. This job role is varied; you’ll be dealing with deliveries on a large scale and will go from picking and packing shoes to scanning returns and processing customer orders, so accuracy and efficiency will need to be top of your traits. Being number driven is also a key factor to keep in mind, as the warehouse has its own targets to meet too.

  • Deputy Manager

    You'll need to be driven, have the knowledge and experience that could give the Store Manager a run for their money, whilst building upon your super skills and learning from theirs, sharing in their passion because one day you might spread your wings and fly to your very own store. An optimistic and energetic presence is a major part of this role, as well as being able to take responsibility, be it on the shop floor or in the stockroom. Training staff or number crunching are just as important as it is to helping deliver a flawless customer experience. We want someone with a little va va voom and who aspires to run their own store.

  • Trainee Manager

    Are you up for the challenge? Then this position is for you. A little retail experience never goes a miss but every day is a school day in the land of an aspiring manager. As a Trainee Manager, you have to be prepared to work hard, taking on responsibilities you never thought you could and learning as you go. From merchandising a new display, preparing for a sale launch to recruiting and training the newbies, the list goes on and no two days are the same. We like people who are commercially savvy, who practice what they preach, who get out what they put in, so if you reckon you're amazing and have the power to achieve, you're looking at the right position. See the thing is, we like to nurture people, and we promise we’ll look after you, guiding you to become a top notch manager

  • Supervisors

    We don't call you SUPER-visors for just any old reason you know! You help hold the fort. You're like the wingman or woman to the management team. We need someone who shines bright like a diamond, oozing passion and excitement. As a schuh-pervisor (yes we secretly know that's an awesome name) you'll spend 80% of your time on the shop floor, engaging with customers and staff members alike. You'll be accountable for your team, helping them achieve their goals and serve the customers in a flawless manner. Setting goals, checking off to-do lists and celebrating achievement are all key essentials of a great Supervisor.

  • Customer Experience Team

    The Customer Experience Team are responsible for ensuring our customers have an easy experience with the company when they need to contact us. We deliver the highest level of customer service and ensure our customers feel valued. Our environment is a busy one where no two days are the same, the team are responsible for various tasks which include: Handling all calls and emails from our customers and our stores. Our live help team assist our customers via video / text chat will they are browsing our website and our social media team monitor and respond to all customer queries via our social media platforms. We believe in working hard for our customers, we want our customers to have an easy experience however they choose to contact us.

  • schuh HQ

    Here at schuh HQ, we have a whole lot of love for shoes, in a nutshell we’re obsessed. And there are a whole lot of people involved in turning this obsession into a very successful business. If you feel a strong love for footwear and fancy getting in on the action, schuh HQ is the place to be. Whether you have experience in buying and merchandising or if you have a creative passion for design and marketing, or maybe you’re qualified in accounting and HR, schuh HQ might be for you. Do you have an unbelievable enthusiasm and drive for the wonderful world of Ecommerce or are you the whizz kid with incredible IT skills? We reckon we were made to be team mates. So if you’re looking for a chance to impress us with your skills or even develop them further, there are certainly plenty of opportunities to get involved with. You’ll get the chance to work with an expert and dynamic team of amazing individuals, who in turn, help deliver a smooth running, seriously successful business.